"Conan" Director To Launch "Chosen" With Liquid Comics

Hollywood/comics clearinghouse Liquid Comics was born of the former publisher Virgin Comics in more ways than one. Aside from being anchored by many of the Virgin management team and holding rights to Virgin's comics IP, Liquid has also proven adept at signing Hollywood names both established and up-and-coming to develop comics-to-film projects under their shingle.

Today, the latest timely announcement from Liquid hit Deadline Hollywood as Marcus Nispel, the director of this weekend's "Conan The Barbarian" reboot, is apparently creating a new comic for the publisher called "The Chose."

Described as a riff on the kung-fu genre featuring a Detroit teen who is the reincarnated embodiment of an "Easter spiritual master." This fate takes the lead from America to Mumbai, India - a culture whose epic traditions were often the subject of sci-fi and fantasy comics for Virgin as well. The project will hit as a three-issue comics series starting in February.

"I like movies that turn into graphic novels and graphic novels that turn into movies," Nispel told Deadline. "Everything I direct starts with illustrations, and the pictures tell the story."

Liquid's Gotham Chopra added: "Marcus' vision of a muscled up Kung Fu has been something I've loved since the moment he first told me the story. The Master-Apprentice narrative from King Arthur to John Connor is a formula that works and with Marcus onboard something wildly creative is emerging."

This is the most recent announcement of new product from Liquid who also recently revealed plans to finish a long-languishing Virgin project - "Nowhere Man" with creator Marc Guggenheim - as well as teaming Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld for the OGN-to-movie "Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens."

For more on the story, check out Deadline, and stay tuned to CBR News for more on Liquid Comics and "The Chosen."

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