Conan Battles Through Snow, Screams Quite Loudly In New Set Photos

We've already received our first look at Jason Mamoa as Conan, and on seeing that image, I commented that Mamoa at least had Conan's physical appearance down pat — as for his acting, we'd just have to wait and see.

While it's still too early to judge Mamoa on his acting merits, we're definitely getting a better sense of his physical take on the character. Over the weekend, new set photos emerged over at Conan The Movie Blog showing Mamoa fully costumed and in action as Robert E. Howard's classic fantasy hero. Additionally, the blog has posted another new official look at Mamoa, this one featuring the bloodied barbarian in the thick of wintery battle. Joining these photos is yet one more official image, featuring a very aggressive Conan in the midst of a battle cry.

Keep on reading for a selection of photos, then head to the comments section to react to Mamoa's take on the character as seen in these images.

Sources: Conan The Movie Blog & Uruloki

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