'Conan' #1 and 'Chosen' #1 sell out at Dark Horse

Official Press Release

Dark Horse is pleased to report that despite a hefty overprint, the first issue of the exciting new Conan series featuring story by Kurt Busiek and art by Cary Nord, has completely sold out on its first day of release! (2/24/04)

"I'm just grateful to the creative team for making this possible," enthused Conan editor Scott Allie. " We knew that Conan would be a big property for us, but the sincerity with which these guys attacked the job-from cover to letters and everything in between-is what makes the book irresistible. I personally never took on the launch of a new book with as much gravity as I took on Conan, and I've never been so proud of the result."

Allie revealed that the second printing will feature a new variant cover by noted artist J. Scott Campbell, best known for his work on Gen13 and Danger Girl.

The expected reprint date for Conan #1 is March 24.

Official Press Release

The controversial new miniseries about the second coming of Christ, has sold out of it's first printing.

"Writer Mark Millar has really crafted a great story on a very interesting subject and it's wonderfulto see people respond to it," commented series editor David Land. "Without question, you won't wantto miss the rest of this series!"

The expected reprint date for Chosen #1 is March 3.

Please note, don't forget to check your local comic store as they may still have copies of these excitingfirst issues available.

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