Con Air's Cage And Cusack To Reteam For Serial-Killer Thriller

Nicolas Cage and John Cusack made an awesome team in Con Air -- if you don't agree, this isn't the news you're looking for -- and they're set to do so again in an upcoming Alaska-set thriller titled The Frozen Ground. The story focuses on real-life serial killer Robert Hansen, who is responsible for the deaths of as many as 21 women during the early '80s.

Cage and Cusack won't be solving the case together in this one, though, Variety reports. The former is in talks for the role of the Alaska State Trooper who caught the killer, and the latter is up for the part of Hansen himself. The script comes from newcomer Scott Walker, a New Zealander who will also direct. Filming for the $27 million movie is set to begin on Oct. 10.


This may be smaller than Con Air, and it may feature considerably less over-the-top action ... but do you care? Cusack and Cage, together again. Everybody wins.

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