"Compass Point: West" Launches with Mobile Game, IDW Tie-In Comic

IDW Publishing and the games world have a close history -- IDW has published comic books based on video games like "Borderlands," and has its own games division releasing tabletop games such as "Machi Koro." The latest product of this correlation is "Compass Point: West," a new western-themed mobile game out today, released simultaneously with a short digital tie-in comic from IDW, written by IDW veteran Tom Waltz and illustrated by Philip Murphy.

"IDW has been developing the 'Compass Point: West' comic since very early in the game's development, and we've enjoyed creating characters and backstories in a way that extends the game's world," Ted Adams, IDW CEO & Publisher, said in a press release. "The Next Games team has a long-range plan that we're proud to be a part of."

"Compass Point: West" is a free-to-play card-collecting game, first announced last November and said to "take the player on a journey to the old Wild West where they join friends and saddle up for an epic adventure, exploring the open frontier while fighting the hostile takeover plans of notorious oil tycoon, Orville Driller." The comic book will be available on digital platforms including iBooks and Google Play, along with the "Compass Point: West" website.

The title is the first release from Finland-based Next Games, which has already established close connections to the comics industry -- in July, plans were announced for "The Walking Dead: No Man's Land," an as-yet unreleased mobile game based on the hit AMC TV and Image Comics series.

"Compass Point: West" is the first of four planned Next Games releases based on original concepts, and available now from from the iOS App Store.

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