<i>Community</i>'s Kickpuncher kickpunches his way into comic book

When the first season of NBC's Community comes out on DVD Sept. 21, it will kick punch.

A plot line on the show had community college students Troy and Abed create their own superhero, Kickpuncher, "the hero whose cyber-punches have the power of kicks." Entertainment Weekly reports that when the DVD collection arrives, it will include a comic book starring the hero, written by the fictional Troy Barnes and drawn by a very real Jim Mahfood.

"The comic book is written by Troy Barnes, Donald Glover’s character, within the Greendale universe," said executive producer Dan Harmon. "The idea is that he was in an art class with Jim Mahfood – who I’ve known for a long time — who’s a really cool underground, yet successful, comic book artist and muralist. The idea is that he’s an art student at Greendale and had an art class with Troy, who took a shine to his talents and decided to take him under his wing as a protégé and do this comic book. So it’s from the mind of Troy Barnes, which can be a little scattered. At times he’s not a master storyteller, but he is an entertainer."

To see Kickpuncher in action on Community, check out the video after the jump ...

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