'Community' Gets Animated in New Trailer

NBC has debuted a second trailer for the upcoming fifth season of Community that's 1.) mostly animated, and 2.) somewhat odd, perhaps fittingly so.

Titled "Miracle on Jeff's Street," the video finds a cartoon, antler-wearing Chang crashing a Dean-driven flying sleigh through Jeff' Winger's apartment window to deliver Christmas gifts to the downtrodden attorney: his Greendale Community College friends, minus Pierce Hawthorne, who appears to have suffocated in Santa's bag. Well, that's one way to explain Chevy Chase's exit ...

There's also a little housekeeping, with acknowledgement of the show's interruption by the Winter Olympics, and an apparent nod to the anxiety surrounding the upcoming departure of Donald Glover (he's the only current cast member not to voice his character in the video).

Community returns Thursday, Jan. 2 on NBC.

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