Common Reveals "Suicide Squad" Role, Ice Cube Talks Marvel, Spider-Man

Complex News recently caught up with actors/producers/musicians Common and Ice Cube about their new movie, "Barber Shop: Next Cut." During the interview, Complex asked them both about playing roles in both the Marvel and DC Comics universe. Both Common and Ice Cube had some interesting things to say about the upcoming films "Suicide Squad" and "Spider-Man."

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In the video below, Complex News asks Common ("Selma," "Barber Shop,") about his role in "Suicide Squad." Apparently he is playing a villain named Monster T. Monster T is a tattooed thug who either works for the Joker, or with the Joker.

Complex News also asked Ice Cube ("Straight Outta Compton," "Barber Shop,") if the rumors were true about him appearing in the new "Spider-Man" movie. Ice Cube replied that if he wasn't playing Spider-Man, he's not in the movie. He did answer the question, if he could play any character in the Marvel universe who would he would play? His answer: the Incredible Hulk.

"Suicide Squad" opens in theaters August 5, 2016.

[Via ComicBook.com]

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