"Common Grounds" #4 features George Perez, Carlos Pacheco and Returnable Books

Official Press Release

Common Grounds #4, which arrives in comic stores today, features stories by legendary artist George Perez (JLA/Avengers) and fan-favorite artist Carlos Pacheco all wrapped in a gorgeous painted cover by artist Rodolfo Migliari. Top Cow has provided a free online preview of both these stories on their website, www.topcow.com. As an incentive for retailers to stock up, Top Cow is making advance reorders and post shipment reorders for Common Grounds #4, as well as all reorders for Common Grounds #1-3, fully returnable through Diamond Comics Distributors.

"Twice in my twelve year publishing career I've been involved with projects that I thought were vastly superior to the numbers being ordered. Common Grounds is one of those and by making the fourth issue returnable and allowing returnable reorders on the first three we're putting our money where our mouth is," says Top Cow President Matt Hawkins. "I'd encourage retailers to take advantage of this no risk incentive and stock up these books and recommend them to their customers."

Retailers can contact their Diamond Comics Distributors customer service representative for more information.

"Common Grounds is a project that has been building amazing word of mouth and we are getting flooded with people saying they can't find the books," says Top Cow Marketing Director Joel Elad. "Since we are confident in the book's ability to entertain, we are offering retailers a no-risk opportunity to cash in on this unique concept."

The pros continue to weigh in on the amazing impact Common Grounds is having on them. Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada relates, "I enjoyed the heck out of Common Grounds. Only problem is I want more! Looks like you guys are on to something with this Hickman cat. He could be the surprise hit of the year! I'm insanely jealous." Artist John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men) adds, "Heartfelt, deeply moving and good for the colon. The 'Citizen Kane' of all superhero/donut shop epics."

Common Grounds is set in a chain of coffee shops across the country, where super-heroes and super-villains gather to sip coffee, munch on donuts, and hang out without causing a major brawl. It's in this neutral setting that stories are created focusing on the "human" side of the superhuman.

Top Cow was founded in December of 1992 and currently publishes its line of comic books in 21 languages in over 55 different countries. The company has launched 20 franchises (18 original and 2 licensed) in the industry's Top 10, seven at #1, a feat accomplished by no other publisher in the last two decades. Its flagship franchise Witchblade was TNT's #1 original film of 2000. Virtually all of Top Cow's other properties are in development as feature films, live action television or animation. Top Cow has also successfully licensed and merchandised its franchises into toys, statues, clothing, lithographs, puppets, posters, shot glasses, lighters, lunch pails, wall scrolls, mouse pads, die cast cars, calendars, Christmas ornaments, Halloween masks, trading cards, standees, video games and role playing games.

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