Common Reflects On George Miller's Lost Justice League Movie

Long before Zack Snyder was set to unite the Justice League for the big screen, director George Miller ("Mad Max: Fury Road") had plans to do just that with "Justice League Mortal." A script for that feature was ordered back in 2007, with production expected to kick off the following year. However, due to the writer's strike in 2008, the project was put on hold and contracts lapsed on the cast, leaving the film to be nothing more than a legend. Part of that cast was musician and actor Common, who was set to make his DC live action debut as John Stewart -- a role that would have been more prominent than his role in last year's "Suicide Squad."

While talking to Yahoo! to promote his recent film, "John Wick Chapter 2," Common talked about the film that almost was and what it'd be like to get another chance at playing John Stewart. He also briefly discussed his role in "Suicide Squad" and how he wished it'd been more than a one and done.

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When it was announced that Common had joined the cast of director David Ayer's "Suicide Squad," it was expected that he'd have a decent sized role. In fact, fans spent weeks guessing who he could be playing, only for the actor to later reveal he'd be working alongside Jared Leto's Joker. Still, no one could have imagined they'd kill his character off so quickly in the film, after just one scene. Discussing his time on that project, Common noted that he wished his character "didn’t get taken out that quick" but that he still had fun working on the film.

Of course, his turn as Monster T wasn't his first action film role, and it definitely wasn't his first comic book role. Had the DC cinematic universe gone a different route, kick-starting with George Miller's "Justice League Mortal" as opposed to 2013's "Man of Steel," Common would have brought fan-favorite John Stewart to life back in 2008. As fans know, that project made it far into pre-production before the plug was ultimately pulled. Discussing the film with Yahoo!, Common explained that the cast had made their way to Australia and had even begun rehearsals before Warner Bros. halted things.

He also confirmed that there is definitely a photo of him out there somewhere in the Green Lantern costume. This isn't entirely surprising. After all, back in 2015, photos surfaced of actress Megan Gale in the proposed Wonder Woman costume for the film. And before those, concept art for the project was revealed giving us an idea of what Santiago Cabrera would have looked like as Aquaman in Miller's film, as well as Hugh Keays-Byrne as Martian Manhunter.

As for the script, Common was quick to praise it. "The script was super-dope. It was intricate. And knowing George Miller was going to do it, you knew it was going to have that raw edge. But it had Superman, Aquaman, it had all of the characters really involved. Each one of them had moments and you got to know them. It was a strong piece."

While the actor will more than likely never get a chance to work on Miller's "Justice League Mortal," he has recently expressed interest in bringing John Stewart to life for the current DC Extended Universe. When asked if that could ever actually happen, Common replied by saying, "I would love to, I’ll say that. That would be a blessing. That would be incredible to get the opportunity. But that’s up to the studio and DC and those guys to see who they feel is the right person. But it would be an incredible honor and I would be geeked for that character and that role. I would go to the highest with that role."

Warner Bros. and DC have yet to announce any cast members for the upcoming "Green Lantern Corps" film, although Armie Hammer - who was set to join Common in "Justice League Mortal" as Batman - has been rumored for the role of Hal Jordan.

“Green Lantern Corps” is expected to be released in 2020.

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