Committed: Wondercon and self-restraint

Last week, I looked at my schedule and thought I was sorted. With Wondercon finishing just a couple of days before my article was due, I'd obviously have tons to write about.

As it turns out, there was a lot to write about, but instead of pacing myself, I went a little crazy.

Remember that article I wrote just 3 weeks ago, about taking cons easy, taking care of oneself? Maybe instead of just writing it, I ought to have read it too. I completely broke the rules, got so swept up in the excitement of Wondercon, having so many good friends in my home town, and fun comic-related things happening, that I went to the convention every single day, all day. I did exactly what I said I wouldn't; I got up early, hardly ate, then ran off to the convention center to spend most of the day on my feet roaming the floors, attending panels, and bumping into friends. I forgot to eat right, drink enough water and on top of it all, in the evenings I went to the parties.

Now I am a physical wreck. Drinking a spirulina-infused smoothie every day does not make up for eating donuts for breakfast, french fries for lunch, and potato chips for dinner (i.e. covering the three major non-food groups - carbohydrates, sugar, and fat.) Unsurprisingly, I now I feel like I'm coming down with a horrible cold, or maybe there's just an invisible cat sitting on my chest...

It serves me right. This is what happens when you think you've got it nailed, I should never have written that article about attending cons in a "sensible" way, it was asking for trouble. The thing is, how often do I get a chance to wander around all day, shopping for my favorite books, taking photos of amusing cosplay, trading reading recommendations with friends that I didn't expect to bump into, and sitting in on panels simply because they sound interesting, (even when I knew I ought to take a proper break and leave the rarefied air of the convention center)? At one point I did walk out of the convention, thinking "Yes! I made it, THIS is the afternoon that I leave early and have a little lie down before the evenings activities. Instead I bumped into a friend, and while I stood outside talking, my friends inside phoned to tell me to come back and hang out some more. Needless to say, I did.

It's a shame that I exhausted myself so completely, because I was looking forward to telling you about some fun things. Instead, I'm a broken shell of a person, and all I can offer is an extremely random list of things I noticed in my wanderings around Wondercon 2010. Enjoy!

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