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Committed: Wondercon and self-restraint

by  in Comic News Comment
Committed: Wondercon and self-restraint

Last week, I looked at my schedule and thought I was sorted. With Wondercon finishing just a couple of days before my article was due, I’d obviously have tons to write about.

As it turns out, there was a lot to write about, but instead of pacing myself, I went a little crazy.

Remember that article I wrote just 3 weeks ago, about taking cons easy, taking care of oneself? Maybe instead of just writing it, I ought to have read it too. I completely broke the rules, got so swept up in the excitement of Wondercon, having so many good friends in my home town, and fun comic-related things happening, that I went to the convention every single day, all day. I did exactly what I said I wouldn’t; I got up early, hardly ate, then ran off to the convention center to spend most of the day on my feet roaming the floors, attending panels, and bumping into friends. I forgot to eat right, drink enough water and on top of it all, in the evenings I went to the parties.

Now I am a physical wreck. Drinking a spirulina-infused smoothie every day does not make up for eating donuts for breakfast, french fries for lunch, and potato chips for dinner (i.e. covering the three major non-food groups – carbohydrates, sugar, and fat.) Unsurprisingly, I now I feel like I’m coming down with a horrible cold, or maybe there’s just an invisible cat sitting on my chest…

It serves me right. This is what happens when you think you’ve got it nailed, I should never have written that article about attending cons in a “sensible” way, it was asking for trouble. The thing is, how often do I get a chance to wander around all day, shopping for my favorite books, taking photos of amusing cosplay, trading reading recommendations with friends that I didn’t expect to bump into, and sitting in on panels simply because they sound interesting, (even when I knew I ought to take a proper break and leave the rarefied air of the convention center)? At one point I did walk out of the convention, thinking “Yes! I made it, THIS is the afternoon that I leave early and have a little lie down before the evenings activities. Instead I bumped into a friend, and while I stood outside talking, my friends inside phoned to tell me to come back and hang out some more. Needless to say, I did.

It’s a shame that I exhausted myself so completely, because I was looking forward to telling you about some fun things. Instead, I’m a broken shell of a person, and all I can offer is an extremely random list of things I noticed in my wanderings around Wondercon 2010. Enjoy!

  1. Jimmy Palmiotti admitted that writing is less time-consuming than drawing, and so he promised to do a little more housework to give Amanda Conner more time to draw great comic books.

  2. Something like 9 out of 10 comic book creators regard Image Comics as the publisher to go to when it’s time to publish their own work. As Steven T. Seagle pointed out; when you’re working on a licensed character for one of the big two publishers, you can’t just kill them off. But if you make up your own characters, you can do whatever you want. Apparently Image is the place to take these leaps.
  3. Apparently Elephantmen will be made into a movie. The mind boggles.
  4. The last episode of Chuck that was on, was intended to be the end-of-season finale, then they got the go-ahead to make 6 more… It seems like an odd place to go with that many more episodes to go, but to be honest, all I could think was “Why isn’t Adam Baldwin in it much more often?”
  5. When comic fans are told to go to the Tonga Room en masse, dressed up like pirates, they jump! I’ve never seen so many intimidated Nob Hill locals in my life. It was beautiful.

  6. Jonathon Ross is a charming man who wears oversized, MC Hammer-style sweatpants in public.
  7. If you have a party in a comic store, other kinds of geeks will show up for the booze and be completely unashamed about their total disinterest in the medium.
  8. The mellowest day to attend a comic book convention has to be Easter Sunday (sorry Jesus.) The crowds parted like the red sea (or not) and suddenly you could breathe again.

  9. While everyone recognizes Brent Spiner and James Marsters as actors, no one really knows what who “Q” is, or what his real name is. I think that most convention attendees think he’s truly an extraterrestrial adventurer.
  10. A cup of hot chocolate is not substitute for a meal. Next year I think Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution should be filmed at a comic book convention, where he can feed us all healthy food to help with our exhaustion and nutrient-deprivation-induced social awkwardness.

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