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Committed: Webcomics and Art Links

by  in Comic News Comment
Committed: Webcomics and Art Links

This week, while I ought to have been writing you a column, I was wasting time on the internet and making things. Here are the webcomics and art that distracted me so effectively. Enjoy!

Vapor Trails
Will Strode’s futuristic, science fiction story about sentient animals rebelling against their human masters is well under-way now at around 40 pages, which should be enough to get your teeth into (I’ve been reading it week-by-week, so I’ve had to be pretty patient.) Strode previously wrote the long-running webcomic Goodbye Blue Monday , (with talented artist Lindsay Lea), which was somehow simultaneously surreal, disturbing and adorable.

The Little Tales of Otto and Olive
A gentlemen cat and his sweet little girl owner visit the fair. This weekly comic by Stephanie Buscema has only just begun, but we’ve got a whole world of beautiful adventures ahead. Buscema’s new website (recently redesigned by the talented Rob Harrigan) is filled with fantastic paintings in her signature style.

Joshua Ellingson
Though there are a few covers, Joshua Ellingson hasn’t created any comic books (yet, I’m still hopeful he will one day.) Still, I’ve been looking through his portfolio recently and Ellingson has amassed a slew of entertaining illustrations for fun and commerce. From Fat Wonder Woman to his He-Man-inspired paintings, Ellingson will be selling his art at the upcoming WonderCon and Emerald City Comic Con.

Batwoman Original Art
Speaking of great art, J.H. Williams recently posted some more of the original art from Batwoman for sale. Right up there with his best work on books like Promethea and Seven Soldiers, we’re lucky to get a peek at this art in its original, elegant black and white form.

This is probably the only not-safe-for-work webcomic that I regularly read, but it is so funny. Basically a series of nonsensical non-sequitors that usually make me laugh. After all, what is more ridiculous than sex?

Maurice Sendak, interviewed by Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert interviewing Maurice Sendak is fantastic. Filled with odd, random insights into Mr Sendak’s thinking and his work while he mocks Colbert’s incongruous act. To this day, I love In the Night Kitchen and Outside Over There. Out of all of the children’s books I grew up with, those still have the same appeal and impact that they always have, with all the feeling of the most personal, half-remembered dreams.

Although it might not be strictly speaking anything to do with comic books, I’ve been watching the very superheroic British series; Sherlock. Personally I’ve always thought of Sherlock Holmes as one of the closest things Brits come to a homemade American-style superhero, and Steven Moffat’s approach to the story really embraces that feel. I’m particularly impressed with how Joker-like Moriarty becomes by the end of the second season and I can’t wait to see what happens next. It is as bad as waiting for next months comics!

Finally, I created this poster (right) for an upcoming Image Comics book. If you plan on attending the Image Expo at the end of February, we’ll be giving away a very limited number of trading cards of this art, so come find me!

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