Committed: Jubilex Loves You!

The intimacy and warmth of the Image Expo last weekend reminded me that we create in order to share the love, and so I've posted my weird cat cartoon calendar for you to download and print.

Because of the intimate, comfortable layout and boutique feel of the Image Expo, I was able to properly explore all of the independent creators work. It inspired me so much that I became completely distracted with my own cartoons and completely neglected writing up my notes from the convention or processing the photos that I took... I'll share them with you next week. Instead I made a 2012 calendar of weird little cats: Jubilex and friends

The inside skinny on Jubilex and friends: First of all, you should know that I'm not what people call a "cat person", (although I do like animals.) But a few years ago when I was very ill, I had an very affectionate siamese cat called Jubilex, who would gently paw my face and make me feel better. Despite knowing that the breed is unusually affectionate, he still seemed to be crazy in love with everyone to a ridiculous degree (he once climbed on a client's face while I was having a design meeting, which was awkward.) Anyway, while I was ill, he was a bit of a lifesaver, and as I slowly regained my health I read a study that people experience a rush of endorphins when they see something cute, that they actually feel physically better because of a cute drawing.

While I have always liked Sanrio characters and Dick Bruna's Miffy books, I eschewed them in favor of darker, more serious artwork. So I took this study as my inspiration and as I sought to heal myself in any small way I could, I drew an overly cute cartoon of my cat Jubilex to cheer myself up. Then for fun, I made a calendar for friends to download (so that we could all share in the endorphins.) Before long other friends sent me photos of their cats to draw for each month and soon I had a whole year of characters. Now you can get in on the endorphin boost and download your own weird cat calendar: Jubilex and friends


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