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Last night I got back from London late, exhausted from a 12 hour flight and happy to be home in balmy Los Angeles. Then early this morning I woke up to a panicked client request for help in creating an extremely complex mapping of various types of information they needed to present. While this isn't the relaxing first day back home I had envisioned, the work was actually fun in a very weird way... Information design is the kind of puzzle which I love, as it makes use of my natural desire to organize and create order. Sometimes when I don't have a work-related outlet for this tendency, I start doing things like straightening shelves in supermarkets (which I expect is a nice change for the people working there, but is a bit annoying for whoever happens to be trying to shop with me). The upshot of all of this is that today I am lucky to have had a very complicated little mental / visual puzzle to play with, but since I'm pretty jet lagged it has taken every bit of attention and focus I could scrape together. This means that the interview I had planned to write up for you will have to wait until next week. (Next week you can look forward to insights about a life in the arts from comic book artist, illustrator, and teacher; Christian Ward, along with photos from his exhibition "Dead Cats" on at London comic shop, Orbital Comics.)

Speaking of finding happiness in odd places, I wanted to share a lovely comic strip by Gavin Aung, of a Bill Watterson quotation. This has been making the rounds on my social networks today and I love that my friends are sharing this (even some non-comic book reading ones). I've long been a fan of the odd little strips of Aung, and in this instance where he so respectfully and delightfully mimics Bill Watterson's style, it feels like even more of a love letter to the writer than usual. Of course, the comic strip would be nothing if not for Watterson's beautiful advice expressed within it, which could be relevant to anyone making their own way, in comic books, the arts, or life.


Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #7

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