Committed: Guest Costume Designers on Burn the Orphanage

As regular readers will know, I’ve long been a proponent of super heroic fashions. So I was excited to hear that Sina Grace was inviting guest artists Kris Anka, W. Scott Forbes, Fiona Staples, and Ming Doyle to design new costumes for the women of his comic Burn the Orphanage. I jumped on the chance to get a sneak peek at those outfits (appearing in the July 3rd issue) and thought you’d probably like a look too. But before we get  to the artwork, Grace opened up about the process behind the restyling.

Sonia Harris: What made you decide to do this?

Sina Grace: After receiving sanctuary from the topless stripper ninjas, all the leading ladies get a much-needed wardrobe change. I knew that I wanted to get the characters in fresh outfits before the final fight. Fashion has always been part of making comics for me, as a character's look can tell as much about them as any word balloon could. The cast is ready to fight against the life they've grown accustomed to, and the clothes should match!

SH: Why did you select the artists (below) to work on this project?

Sina Grace: When thinking of collaborating on this project, I sought out the friends I knew who had as much appreciation for style and design as I did, but y'know, with tons more talent. Between Fiona, Kris, Ming, and Scott, I have some amazingly fresh perspectives on my favorite characters. It's a dream come true.

Art, fashion, and collaboration are beautiful things when done in earnest, and that is the anchor for me doing Burn the Orphanage- playing "Multiplayer" with friends when making comics!

Lex is the leader of the rebellion and Rock's best friend, Lex has become a fighter first, and then a friend. Lex was styled by Kris Anka, (working on Marvel's Wolverine - 3 months to Die).

Kris Anka: "When approaching Lex the key thing I tried to keep in mind was that she is an ass-kicker. No matter what she wore, she had to look like she could still kick your ass. After a few different options, Sina picked this route which was a more couture than casual look. An outfit that made the bat look right at home."

Iz is an "importer/ exporter" of exotic "herbs and spices". Iz has a carefree attitude, but still manages to get stuck in some sticky situations. When street-smarts and banter aren't enough, Iz can also fight her way through a problem. Iz’s new style is from by W. Scott Forbes (cover artist currently working for Boom Studios, best known for his work on Forgetless with Nick Spencer).

W. Scott Forbes: "When approaching Iz's outfit, Sina had mentioned she's the kind of woman who enjoys clashing prints and contrast of form. So with that in mind, I started scavenging through my fashion folder and ended up taking a lot of visual cues from 90's clothing along and urban street fashion, with haute couture finishing touches."

Jess is Rock's girlfriend, once mild-mannered, is now her own person-- and it's something she celebrates every day. Jess is styled by Fiona Staples (currently the artist on Saga from Image Comics).

Elyse's origins are unknown, but they are pure evil... Elyse has been left for dead by Rock's group of friends, and seeks revenge-- in style! Elyse is styled here by Ming Doyle, (known for her recent work on Mara and Quantum and Woody).

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