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Today my friend Stephanie reminded me of this webcomic, linking to it in a discussion about the societal denial of emotional depression. It touched me so much, making me smile at something so bleak, that I had to share it.

Years ago I went camping in Death Valley over Thanksgiving. I'm not sure if you can imagine what a bad idea this was, but the weather isn't actually conducive to camping in November and I'm not really a born camper. Still, there were moments of joy and delight in the cold and rainy desert, though the one that really stuck with me was on the drive home. Driving in a convoy with friends who were outpacing us, my friends and I realized they were going to stop for the night in an unappealing motel. After all the days of compromise, I understood that now it was my responsibility to make what I wanted out of this last leg of the trip. At my insistence, we took a sharp right into the massive Cesear's Palace, losing our party and finding a great, last-minute deal on a very swanky room. The rest of our evening was filled with silly fun as we played the slot machines, wandered the casino and finally took turns in the ridiculous, giant, pink, marble bathtub. I took my vacation by the proverbial horns and made it what I wanted it to be. It was a turning point for me, understanding that I had a choice that Thanksgiving and I haven't had a bad vacation since.

There's often a point at which everything in our lives is so completely screwed up, that anything becomes possible because with nothing to lose, we can do whatever we want. In the process, a completely horrible experience can become profoundly liberating. When Stephanie sent me this deeply odd little webcomic about depression, I loved it because it felt so intimate and universal. The rough, quirkiness of the drawings made me feel like I could relate more to the little guy, or even that I could be that little guy. My inner voice is equally insane and periodically unhelpful and it touched me to read something so funny and heartfelt. Even though I'm not depressed, I recognize it and it made me incredibly happy to read. I was reminded of all of the comics which have lifted me out of my solitude and so I want to share it with you.


I hope that you have a very happy Thanksgiving, and if you can't, I hope you have some great comics to remind you that we're all in this together.

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