Committed: 10 Great Superhero Boots

Comic book artists make strange shoe designers. Some of them don't really draw feet, others perch their heroes on tiny 6" stilettos and assume they'll be able to fight. Decades ago when I first began reading American superhero comics, the footwear fascinated me. Too young to be wearing anything but the most basic, functional kid-shoes, I loved the thigh-highs, the swashbuckling boots, the slouchy ankle boots, and all manner of footwear that was still out of my reach. As I've aged it has become less of an item of desire and more of curiosity  as I witness cosplayers at conventions trying to duplicate their favorite heroes, footwear and all. Here is a list of ten of of my favorite boots in comic books, with no films included (I wanted to look more at the work of the artists and their take on specific shoe designs).

1. John Byrne's STORM go-go boots

The boots which first impressed me where Storm's, back in the 1980's. Thigh high with the elaborate cut-outs, they had a kind of '70's go-go look that I loved. Impractical on one level (how do they stay up) and practical on another (it's better than having naked legs in a storm), they don't just look good, they make her very revealing costume somewhat less revealing. More than half disco-fabulous, these look great in a fight. Those kitten heels wouldn't be my choice, but it was Byrne's standard heel at that time and he makes it work.

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