Writer Rick Remender returns to CBR's THE COMMENTARY TRACK with an insider's look at "Punisher" #11, the first issue of the character's new incarnation as Frankencastle, illustrated by Tony Moore and on sale this week from Marvel Comics.

In last month's "Dark Reign: The List - Punisher," Frank Castle was dismembered and left for dead in the sewers of New York City by Wolverine's son, the Dark Avenger known as Daken. When H.A.M.M.E.R. agents went into the sewers to gather up the Punisher's remains, they were greeted first by a number of the Mole Man's Moloids, then by a seemingly enraged Man-Thing. The swamp monster dispatched the agents, gathered up Castle's body parts, and made his way to the Morlock's tunnels, which is where this COMMENTARY TRACK picks up...

As always with THE COMMENTARY TRACK, there will be spoilers.

14.1 - Frank Castle died. He did. I saw it. But let's face a few facts, when you coexist in the same world as Galactus and The Beyonder dead is always temporary for anyone interesting.

14.2 - Anyway, We're hearing a couple monsters argue here about how wise it is to reanimate this actual monster. I like the idea that Frank is considered a dangerous monster by the real monsters. Take that, self-esteem!

14.4 - Love the dry brush technique Tony uses here. It reads as if you are waking from a long nap post-op or you've just downed a bottle of heroin-berry tropic punch. You know the stuff. Anyway, the blurry wakeup panel after the blackness builds nicely giving the next panel -

15.1 - POP! Frank is awake and what he sees is... a bit of a shock. Frank doesn't like shocks...

15.2 - So, he's going to break stuff. Werewolf by Night is a great character; we have some very exciting stuff planned for The Werewolf by Night. Even though he can now control his transformations... so I guess he's more aptly named The Werewolf by Night or Day.

15.3 - Take that computer!

15.4 - Tony's Man-Thing is amazing. There I said it. yes, I meant it how it sounds. Yes, it's amazing.

16.1 - Tony's Man-Thing really takes a beating here.

I could do this all night. Yes, I'm ten years old.

16.2 - Morbius, little known fact, is not only a living vampire but also a genius scientist type and close personal friend of the real Frankenstein monster who hasn't been seen in sometime. Where could he be? Will he come back and fight Frank? No. That probably won't happen.

16.4 - This is prime Tony Moore super power here. It's all in the art, the emotion, the acting. I cut most all the dialogue from this page, and most in this issue actually, as Tony's art tells all the story without 'em.

Rise and shine, Mr. Castle, you're a Frankenstein monster! I'm sorry, but that's a perfect splash/reveal page. I love this idea of the monster inside of Frank externally represented. I think everyone is focused on the way Frank was killed in "The List," but overlooking the more important events in "Punisher" #10 when he torched his family. Frank is going through some ugly business internally and externally. And he's going to kill a lot of people with those giant-spiked Kiss monster boots Tony put him in. He will be doing that most definitely.

So, c'mon - quit being a jerk and go buy our enjoyable comic book.

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