10 DC Comics To Read On ComiXology Unlimited

DC Comics is FINALLY on ComiXology Unlimited! After so many years of holding out on the digital comic subscription service, DC has, at last, joined every other major comic book publisher and put their content in the Unlimited package. This means that hundreds of your favorite DC characters and stories are all available for a low monthly price, with more content being added by the day. The only downside to that is that the number of comics to read could be overwhelming, so we decided to make this helpful list of recommendations to guide you toward great titles. Check out our list of 10 DC Comics to Read on ComiXology Unlimited.

10. Batman: The Black Mirror

Before you ask, no. This story has nothing to do with the dystopian Netflix anthology. Batman: Black Mirror follows Dick Grayson as he continues in the role of Batman post Bruce Wayne’s disappearance. Dick must confront a unique Gotham villain, one with personal ties to the Bat-Family, as well as keep order in the city under the title of the Bat. Not only is this story fantastically creepy, but it’s also Batman legend Scott Snyder’s first crack at the character. Whether you’re a long-time Batman fan or a newcomer who wants to get into the world of Gotham, Black Mirror is for you.

9. Aquaman (2011-2016)

Some of you may have walked out of Aquaman a bit confused. Aquaman has a reputation for being a lame character, but the character currently dominating worldwide box offices is a total badass. Well, DC Comics refutes the lame perception of Aquaman A LOT, perhaps most effectively in Geoff Johns's New 52 Aquaman run. If you loved the film version of the character, or other elements of the film like the Trench or the Atlantan Throne, you need to read this comic. And hey, if you start it soon, there’s a lot more to explore. As it stands right now, the run is available into its eighth volume. That’s prime comic binging folks, don’t miss out.

8. Black Canary (2015-2016)

The New 52 was a controversial time in DC Comics. Some fans thought rebooting the DC timeline was a hindrance to the universe. Still others believe it was a breath of fresh air. What’s undeniable is that it gave us some very memorable takes on familiar characters, and Black Canary was a prime example. This Dinah Lance isn’t Green Arrow’s spouse or member of the Justice Society of America. Instead, she’s the lead singer of a monster-battling punk band in the underground scene of DC Comics’ most prominent cities. The adventures of Black Canary and her band are some of the trippiest and most badass stories that the New 52 had to offer. For a refreshing take on Black Canary or just DC stories in general, you have to check this book out.

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7. Teen Titans By Geoff Johns

After Titans aired on DC Universe, everyone wanted to read more Teen Titans. Well, there are few better places to start than right here. Not only does this book feature some great teen drama and team dynamics, it's written by probably the leading voice in DC Comics media today. Read it whether you loved the show or just want a great story about younger characters. Just don't expect a "f*ck Batman" line to come out of anyone's mouth.

6. Batwoman by Greg Rucka

This book is great whether you’ve seen the Ruby Rose version of Batwoman on the CW or not. It's an eerie, noir tale of murder and mystery in Gotham City that's a must-read for comic fans. Writer Greg Rucka brought a gritty, militaristic spirit to the character of Batwoman, making her one of the most unique characters to wear the symbol. She fights crime in an entirely different manner than the rest of the Bat Family. As such, her stories deal with entirely different stakes and themes. Contained in this collection is the storyline Elegy, which is one of the finest Street-level superhero stories ever published by DC. With a CW Batwoman show on the way, now is the perfect time to get into this character.

5. Shade the Changing Girl

When it comes to the truly weird side of DC Comics, one of the most underrated titles in the past five years was Shade the Changing Girl. This Young Animal title turned the idea of a YA adventure on its head. Instead of an average teen finding themselves in a crazy world, this book was about an alien adolescent thrust into the life of an American teenager. From its art-pop, eye-catching artwork to its endearing characters and thrilling story, Shade the Changing Girl is one of the best titles in modern comics. If you haven’t checked it out already, you should.

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4. Green Lanterns (2016)

There's no limit to the Green Lantern mythos. What started as mystic vigilante story turned into Silver Age galactic police adventures. Now, it's one of the most vast space operas in comic book history. That space opera recently grew by two new, amazing characters, and it's their duo that Green Lantern: Rebirth follows. Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz have these distinct, assured personalities that make for an amazing evil-fighting dynamic. Though some two-character books can lean too heavily on one half of the team, this comic gives great character motivation and story arcs to both its stars. And for lovers of truly outlandish sci-fi art, this book's got some of the coolest spaceship and alien designs from any book in recent memory.

3. JLA By Grant Morrison

Grant Morrison is one of the best writers to ever enter comics. His Batman run and 52 storyline stand out as genius uses of the medium. A lot of his fans would argue that his best stuff came about as he was writing JLA, and it’s hard to disagree. This JLA run is everything superhero comics should be. It’s got the gravity and real-world implications of a Watchmen or Dark Knight Returns. But it doesn’t forget the Silver Age mythology and fun they are so important to DC’s characters. If you saw 2016’s Justice League movie and felt underwhelmed, this book will bring you out of that disappointment. It’s as smart and character-driven as team books get.

2. Saga Of The Swamp Thing

If you’re on Comic Book Resources, you’ve probably read some of Alan Moore’s seminal Saga of the Swamp Thing. But right now, his full run is available to you with ComiXology Unlimited. This comic redefined the medium. It brought what many considered a third-tier character into the spotlight for weird and horrifying new adventures. Even if you don’t care for DC Comics (why are you reading this again?), you should read this book for its historical value alone. Saga of the Swamp Thing is a cornerstone of what we define as modern comics, and so many titles currently on the shelves would not be the same without it.

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1. New Superman

Some comics are just plain fun. Some comics are deep and important. Every once in a while, there is a brilliant, genre-shifting combination of both. That’s the case with New Superman, which tells the story of Kong Kenan of China. This book features everything from commentary on world politics to different versions of the Justice League. It is beautifully written, drawn, and paced. It tells a story that is so character-driven but also set in a massive, fascinating world. This comic is not just brilliant as a piece in itself, but it’s guaranteed to make changes in the comic book sphere. Because if DC is smart, we’ll see this character in more solo books, more team books, and even off the comic book page in the very near future.

Which titles are you most excited to see on ComiXology Unlimited? Which would you recommend to someone new to DC Comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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