Comixology to release four-issue <i>Carnivale De Robotique</i> miniseries

Comixology is releasing Carnivale De Robotique by Tony Trov, Johnny Zito and Mark Fidona on their digital application for the iPad, iPhone and the web. Originally a one-shot released during Indy Comic Book Week last December, the story has been expanded to a four-issue series.

Carnivale De Robotique is the story of a rebellious Nanny Droid, Wendy, who runs away to be a ballerina in the robot circus. She ends up in a bit of a love triangle with a clown and the artificial strong man.

"Carnivale De Robotique is a three ringed love triangle that explodes into a universal adventure under the big top. We originally put the one-shot together for Indy Skip Week," Zito posted on his site. "The characters are so fun that we decided to expand into four issues. It’s about life and love and all the silly junk you have to get over to enjoy it."

The first issue is available for free right now, and the rest of the series will be available monthly for $.99 each.

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