Comixology And Marvel Want To Party Like It's 2099!

Fans have seen quite a few possible futures of the Marvel Universe over the years, but none have left a mark or created popular lasting characters like their 2099 imprint, which imagined a world set about 100 years in the future from Marvel's present-day that featured characters based on modern Marvel heroes.

As Marvel is set to revisit a few possible futures in the coming months with the Iron Man 2020 event and the return to the future of 2099, now is the best time to revisit some of these great stories. Thankfully Comixology has a ton of them on sale today, so we've selected a few options to get you into Marvel 2099!

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Without a doubt, the most popular character from the 2099 imprint was Miguel O'Hara/Spider-Man 2099. Not only was his series the best-selling of the entire imprint, but the character survived the cancelation of the line and even appeared recently in the Oscar-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

Get to know the character's beginnings with Peter David and Rick Leonardi's first volume of Spider-Man 2099 to see their vision of Marvel's future. Then fans can check out Miguel's modern series from David and Will Sliney as the character returns for a new volume, this time set in the present-day Marvel Universe!


Spidey wasn't the only character to get the 2099 treatment, as The Punisher, Hulk, and Ghost Rider all got their own 2099 series as well. However, the only team that was adapted in the future was the X-Men, and they were quite different than the original group of heroes they took their name from.

You can learn a bit about the X-Men 2099 in the first volume of there series before jumping to the inevitable timeline crossover we saw in Timestorm 2009/2099, which featured the X-Men 2099 and saw the first meeting between Miguel and the modern-day Spidey, Peter Parker.


Of course, Marvel's always popular Deadpool also got a 2099 version introduced in later years, though this version of the character appeared infrequently in the Deadpool ongoing series. The future version of Deadpool is actually the daughter of Wade Wilson and Shiklah, Queen of the Undead.

And while we eventually saw other 2099 teams like the Fantastic four appear, it wasn't until Secret Wars 2099 explored the 2099 area of Battleworld that we got to see a future version of the Avengers. Every book we've selected for you here will introduce you perfectly to the 2099 imprint of Marvel Comics!

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