ComiXology offers digital Planetary omnibus

The standard format for digital comics is single issues, which can be an expensive way to read an entire story. Fortunately, more and more publishers are experimenting with digital bundles and graphic novels, and here's the biggest one of them all: ComiXology is offering Warren Ellis and John Cassaday's Planetary, all 633 pages/27 issues of it, for $24.99. (Unless I'm missing something, this is only available on comiXology's Comics app, not on the DC app.) That's quite a bargain compared to buying it one issue at a time, which would set you back almost $52 (the first issue is free), and it includes an eight-page introductory story as well.

This is where the rubber meets the road for potential digital customers. On the one hand, $24.99 is a lot of money for something that is "only" pixels on a screen; on the other hand, it's cheaper than the print edition—even secondhand, if Amazon is any guide. This looks like it may be a trial balloon of sorts, as it is only available until July 16. One has to wonder why—hopefully DC isn't going in for that "digital vault" stupidity. Once you put the package together, it should stay on the digital shelf forever—it's not like you're going to run out of books. On the other hand, having the deal end just before Comic-Con may be significant; maybe there's something more on the way.

(via Blog@Newsarama)

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