Marvel Zombies Could Infect Your Digital Collection Today

Halloween may technically be over, but that doesn't mean we're done celebrating the spooky season. Online comic leader Comixology is also still celebrating the horror-themed holiday with a brand new sale that will make and fans of zombies and comics happy.

Marvel Zombies created a world where our favorite Marvel heroes and villains had been taken over by the zombie plague, and with each new installment of the series, things got worse and worse for our zombified heroes. You can now add Marvel Zombies to your online library thanks to these amazing deals!

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Marvel Zombies Spider-Man Featured

Marvel Zombies was first released in 2005 from Robert Kirkman and Sean Phillips with their first five-issue series that introduced readers to an alternate Marvel Universe that was just falling to the zombie infection as heroes and villains began to turn on each other.

These zombies were different from most Hollywood zombies in that the Marvel characters still retained their personality and abilities, though they were tainted by the zombie plague. These first two collections gather the first appearances of the Marvel Zombies in Ultimate Fantastic Four with the first few Marvel Zombies series and spin-offs.


The Marvel Zombies line would branch off to explore other characters in the same universe as Marvel Zombies Supreme focused on the ramifications of the zombie outbreak at Project P.E.G.A.S.U.S., where the alternate reality super-team known as the Squadron Supreme resided before they were turned.

Of course, the Avengers have dealt with normal zombies before too, as we've seen in the manga collection Zombies Assemble. This storyline features an Avengers team more similar to their Marvel Cinematic Universe counterparts as they deal with the threat of a zombie invasion.


The Marvel Universe Vs. series explored a different version of an infected Marvel Universe as their heroes were turned into cannibalistic monsters. The story was told in reverse beginning with Jonathan Mayberry and Goran Parlov's Marvel Universe Vs. The Punisher, as Frank Castle sets about cleaning up the world by taking out his former allies.

Marvel Universe Vs. The Avengers would revisit this cannibalistic universe earlier in the timeline and explore the war that led to the Avengers and the rest of the Marvel Universe becoming infected. Marvel Universe Vs. is a great alternate reality tale that works well alongside Marvel Zombies.

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