comiXology hits 5,000 comics, million app downloads

comiXology sent over a press release that calls out several milestones for the digital comics company, which include:

• The fact that it now has 5,000 comics on its digital comics platform.

• Its application has been download more than a million times from iTunes.

• A 1,200 percent year-over-year increase in comic sales during what the company is calling "the Christmas period," Dec. 25-28. Which isn't too surprising a number, since the iPad didn't even exist last year to be given as a gift.

You can find the complete release after the jump.


ComiXology Reaches 5,000 Digital Comic Book Milestone

Celebrates a banner year in 2010 as the top grossing book app on the iPhone with 1 million app downloads

New York, NY, January 3rd, 2011 – comiXology, the leading digital comic book provider, today announced it is kick starting the New Year with more than 5,000 digital comics available on its platform. The expansion of its library follows a banner year in 2010 with comic book fans everywhere making it the top grossing book app on the iPhone with 1 million iOS app downloads. The Marvel and DC Comics apps, powered by comiXology, were also in the top ten grossing book apps for the iPad.  In addition,  comiXology ended the year with a 1,200% year-over-year increase in comic sales during the Christmas period (December 25th -28th).

comiXology has the largest and most diverse digital library of comics on the market and is the most downloaded and used platform in the industry. With more than 40 publishers on board and its Guided View Self-Authoring platform set to launch in 2011, comiXology is expecting thousands of new titles to come.

“Having a wide selection of digital comics available in 2010 is one of the main reasons why we were able to be so successful in 2010,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology. “We are extremely grateful to our great partners and fans and excited to expand our library for them to more than 5,000 digital comic books. ComiXology is deeply committed to give our customers the best content out there and thankfully, they have responded loud and clear with more than a million downloads between all of our branded apps to make us the top grossing book app for the iPhone.”

comiXology also continued to preserve the rich history of print comics in 2010 by offering a suite of out-of-the-box web solutions for brick and mortar comic book retailers to optimize their presence online. Today, more than 200 retailers worldwide have integrated comiXology's Retailer Tools into their operations, some reporting 20% increase in sales. This tools help them keep better track of inventory and enables users to develop Pull Lists, pre-orders, from local comic shops.

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