Comix Experience launches graphic novel club to offset wage hike

With the minimum wage in San Francisco increasing over the next three years to $15 an hour, Comix Experience owner Brian Hibbs anticipates his 24-year-old store will have to generate an additional $80,000 a year in sales to cover the expense.

Therefore, he's turning to the community for help -- not through Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but rather with a curated graphic novel club.

For a $25 monthly subscription (plus $6 shipping), or $240 a year, club members will receive a graphic novel each month, and an invitation to book club meetings, which the writers or artists of the selections will attend (either in person or by video chat). There will also be a social-media group for international discussions, and other benefits, including free swag.

Comix Experience needs to sell 334 memberships each year to cover the shortfall. If the store exceeds the goal, that money will be used to pay the staff more than required by the minimum-wage hike.

"The comics medium is truly in a second Golden Age right now," writes Hibbs, a CBR columnist, "but with so much top notch, innovative work being released, how can you tell which new releases are the best? We are going to provide that curated experience for you."

To join, or to learn more details, visit Comix Experience's Graphic Novel Club website.

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