Coming this summer, 'Killing Demons,' from Engine Press

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[Killing Demons]Homicide Detective Sarah Bentley is trying to stop a serial killer with a penchant for mutilation. When her superiors try to sweep the killings under the rug, she turns to a walking anachronism who calls himself a "Demon Hunter." Sarah doesn't believe in demons, but as he's the only one willing to help her, it's a point she doesn't have time to argue.

The killer has chosen his next victim, and Sarah will take whatever works.

Debuting this summer from Engine Press, KILLING DEMONS is an experiment in urban horror written by Peter Siegel and illustrated by Brent White, based on a collaboration that began in 2000. "I always thought my first comics project would be something more serious than the bastard son of Se7en and Resident Evil," commented Siegel. "But advocating genre writing in comics has been the focus of my work at the graphic novel commentary site ARTBOMB.NET, and diversity is something I strongly believe is necessary to attract new readers. So I took a stab at it, and out came KILLING DEMONS. It's a hard-R splattercore book for people that love to hate demons."

KILLING DEMONS will be made available this summer for both readers and retailers as an 84-page graphic novel affordably priced at $8.95 from the Engine Press website found at either enginepress.com or killingdemons.com. Generous terms will be offered to retailers who wish to support the book, including a complimentary free copy program, giving retailers the ability to sample before they buy.

A complete thirteen page prelude story, set twenty-five years before the main events of KILLING DEMONS, is currently available on the website, free of charge. "This was the first piece that Brent and I collaborated on, which was based on a television pitch I was working on at the time. Brent was the lead conceptual artist on an unrelated animated series and we hit it off. Eighteen months later, we had a complete graphic novel." Siegel added that more pages will undoubtedly make their way to the web. "We finished the book earlier this year and are working on the print production as we speak. I was never very good at keeping surprises and love to share, so I'll be leaking more pages as we approach the book release in August. We've also got a number of other projects in the fire that we'll be announcing between now and then."

KILLING DEMONS is an experiment in urban horror written by Peter Siegel, illustrated by Brent White, designed for print by Matt Fraction and edited by Kelly Sue DeConnick.

You don't need to believe, just don't turn your back to the door.

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