ComicsOne's Andy Seto to appear at CCI

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San Jose, CA - July 2, 2003 ComicsOne brings Andy Seto, the famous kungfu comic creator to Comic-Con 2003 in sunny San Diego, California July17th-20th. At the ComicsOne booth, Andy will be shaking hands,discussing comics and signing copies of his acclaimed Crouching TigerHidden Dragon, Saint Legend and Story of the Tao graphic novels.

Andy has come all the way from Hong Kong to meet his loyal fans, brandtheir Seto comic du jour and talk about his future projects withComicsOne, namely the comic book adaptation of the Miramax film -Shaolin Soccer! This one is sure to be a hit sensation. Flyers andconcept sketches will be available at the booth!

Be one of the first to meet the legend.

Andy Seto has worked in comics for nearly 20 years. In 1983, he startedhis career with Jade Dynasty Publishing. Later, in 1989, he joinedFreeman Publications LTD, and created Sword Kill followed by the famousGambling Saint. During 1993, a comic book named Cyber Weapons Z wasborn, drawn by Seto. Upon its creation, he became the star of the comicsworld in Hong Kong. Fast forward a few years, in 1997, he served asillustrator for Story of the Tao, which was originally a novel. Then hewent to establish his own company - Neo Company Limited. Over the nextcouple of years Seto and the NCL acquired the copyrights to illustrateThe King of Fighters Z, and Saint Legend, both of which were wellreceived with rave reviews. In 2002 Seto took on the challenge ofproducing the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon series and in 2003 he isgoing to outdo himself by recreating the Shaolin Soccer movie in comicform.

Purchase or bring your copies of your favorite Andy Seto titles to theComicsOne booth #3550. Seto will have a scheduled autograph session onFriday and Saturday. Check the ComicsOne booth for times. Hope to seeyou there!

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