ComicsOne to publish "Maniac Road"

Official Press Release

San Jose, CA – April 29, 2004 Today, ComicsOne – the rising star of the U.S. graphic novel scene announces plans to publish Maniac Road-the latest addition to their eclectic line of savory manga offerings.

This is what you can expect from ComicsOne and Japanese comic creator Shinsuke Kurihashi:

Maniac Road is a comedy about the run down Ijima Electronics and Appliance store, located in the back streets of Akihabara (the Mecca of electronics in Japan). On its last leg, the store had nearly gone out of business, until three sisters-the store owners-hire the resourceful Takezou. With a stroke of genius, Takezou, has the sisters dress in costumes and refashions the store into the perfect shopping ground for Japanese "otaku" (those who absolutely crave manga, video games and Japanese animation). Business begins to boom and the adventure is on, as the three sisters meet some of the strangest and most eccentric characters of the growing Japanese manga/anime scene. But the road of the mania is full of potholes and a major entertainment corporation plans to muscle in on the small store's success.

With its finger directly on the pulse of the modern-day otaku, this hip comedy will hilariously and stylishly thrust you into the world of Japanese pop culture! Poking fun at popular manga/anime businesses, themes and characters, Maniac Road is a must-have for even the most casual otaku. Are you a maniac for anime and manga? Then jump on the road--the true otaku breaks for no one!


Maniac Road # 1 will be available in July 2004. Each 200 page graphic novel will be priced at $9.95. Visit www.comicsone.com for more detailed series information.

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