ComicsOne Titles To Be Published By DrMaster Publications

Official Press Release

San Jose, CA – March, 2005 DrMaster Publications, is a newly formed comic book publishing company and has officially acquired the rights and will continue publishing several sensational titles formerly carried by comic publisher ComicsOne. Please point you browsers to www.drmasterbooks.com for a full list of titles.

Under the new moniker, fans can expect to see some of the most entertaining works from Japan and China. DrMaster will continue with the commitment to quality Japanese manga and original white-knuckle action Chinese kung fu titles.

In fact, Spring heats up with several new Japanese manga titles that run the gamut of entertainment from side-splitting comedy to bullet-riddled action. While all are amazing, three stand tall to be featured accordingly…

April brings the first days of Spring, oh yeah and…

Category Freaks #1

From the creator of Aquarian Age, comes a dark edgy world filled with occult mysticism and bizarre occurrences. Asagi Nanami is the director of Nanami Paranormal Investigations, where his supernatrual assistants Naoki Amano, Tokiko, and helper Mahime Yoshino solves strange phenomena caused by "Freaks". Masters of bodily possession, freaks are demonic creatures with a morbid purpose… And NPI's purpose is to hunt these freaks with rabid intensity.

And May ushers in two -- Lunar Legend Tsukihime #1 and Raxephon Novel #1 –

With Lunar Legend Tsukihime, A childhood accident has left young Shiki Tohno with a very special ability. He can now see the hidden lines or weak points in all things -- be they organic or inanimate. By striking or cutting along these lines Shiki can slice through virtually anything like a hot knife through butter. Unfortunately the gift comes packaged with a nearly irresistible urge to kill using his new ability. A young girl falls victim to Shiki's killing lust. Yet she is apparently reborn unharmed and demanding Shiki's aid. Who is she and what could she want?

Our final Springtime heavy hitter-also released in May-is the Raxephon Novel #1. More action and giant robots await in the Rahxephon novel. Relive events from the anime plus untold stories from a 1st person perspective, seen through the eyes of the various characters in the Raxephon mythos. Tokyo has been quarantined off from the rest of the world in every way, by the mysterious otherworldly "Mu". As a result, a new liberation force rises from the confusion to free Tokyo from their alien captors.

As you can see, 2005 is an exciting new year for this newly forged publishing marvel. Drmaster Publications Inc. is in full swing with a compliment of great works under its belt. Please turn your browser to the website (www.drmasterbooks.com) for more information on these and many other titles heading to a comic shop near you.


Category Freaks #1(200+ pages) will be available in April 2005. Both Lunar Legend Tshukihime #1 (200+ pages) and The Raxephon Novel #1 (200+ pages) will be available in May 2005. Each graphic novel will be priced at $9.95, with the Raxephon novel priced at $7.95. Visit www.drmasterbooks.com for more detailed series information

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