ComicsOne satisfies your need for speed with 'Top Speed'

Official Press Release

San Jose, CA – January 13, 2004 ComicsOne continues to diversify the comics industry! The California based publisher has just announced that they will be publishing Topspeed – a Hong Kong comic with strong roots to the after-hours street racing craze.

Pacific Road is the meeting place for those who hunger for speed. Four groups constantly challenge each other for dominance, while spectators place their bets. One night, an unknown taxicab leaves everyone in the dust. Behind the wheel is Tian, a young man with a hatred for racing due to the death of his famous racing father. Tian, tries to put his miserable past behind him as he works a variety of odd jobs to pay the bills. Little does he know that his career as a taxi driver will soon expose his unbelievable driving skills. Naturally, everyone wants a piece of this superior driver especially Violet and Kiki two of the fiercest racers on the road. See sparks fly as they teach Tian the ins and outs of the super-charged world of street racing…whether he like it or not!

Topspeed takes advantage of the car customization (or car "mods") craze that has ballooned in recent years. It hits on all cylinders with its hat tipped to the Fast and the Furious series. It incorporates a dash of Initial D and a smidgeon of Speed Racer thrown in for good measure. Fans of the underground street racing scene will gorge themselves on the sharp full-color artwork as they are ensnared by Topspeed's immersive backdrops and compelling plot-twists.

The creators of TopSpeed George Lau, Man Wai Cheung and Wai Kit Leung are no strangers to action comics. They have worked on other popular series such as King of Fighters Z, Saint Legend, Heaven Sword & Dragon Sabre and Black Leopard. Together they have skillfully woven something beyond mere car racing. Main protagonist Tian is a character most young men and women can relate to. His toil in life and his skill as a driver make for an even toned literary romp, filled with adventure and suspense.


Topspeed will be available in April 2004. The full color 200 page graphic novel will be priced at $14.95. Visit http://comicsone.com/topSpeed/ for more detailed series information.

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