ComicsOne offers "Peigenz" this July

Official Press Release

San Jose, CA – May 26, 2004 Today, ComicsOne in conjunction with Infinity Studios announced they will be publishing Peigenz, another masterpiece from Korean artist Park Sung Woo.

Peigenz is an action drama which incorporates both outstanding art and just the right amount of comedy to balance the tension-filled serious moments. At the beginning of the 21st century a sudden increase in genetic mutations cause some people to be born with special abilities. However, these enhanced humans are not welcome amongst the general population. As time goes by, they are marked for exile and shunned by society, resulting in a life of crime for many. As their special powers make them difficult to apprehend, the government joins hands with an unofficial, secret group of bounty hunters known as Peigenz. The Peigenz organization is filled with the most gifted and highly trained mutated individuals.

Jay Berell, the heroine of the series, is a normal high school student. During a battle between Peigenz and a dangerous serial killer, Jay find herself caught in the crossfire. This triggers her special mutant abilities and leads to her recruitment into the Peigenz organization.

Combining visual splendor with a thrilling story, Peigenz will keep you on the edge of your seat. Peigenz's manga style art is tempered with American comic themes not unlike those found in Marvel's X-Men. Special forces, super-powered mutants and plenty of action create a series that just can't be put down!

For the first time ComicsOne has teamed up with Infinity Studios for the publication of Peigenz. Infinity Studios, a new graphic novel publisher, will head all translation, editing and production for this series.


Peigenz # 1 will be available in July 2004. Each 180 page graphic novel will be priced at $9.95. Visit http://www.comicsone.com/peigenz/ and www.infinitystudioz.com/mangas/peigenz/index.php for more detailed series information.

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