ComicsOne offers 'Now' in September exclusively at Waldenbooks and Borders

[Now]San Jose, CA - July 30, 2003 Northern California based manga publisher ComicsOne has picked up NOW the spectacular epic from Sung-woo Park.

NOW is a tale, which draws heavily from the period in Korean history between 57 BC and 668 AD known as the Three Kingdoms. 20 years after the fall of the Goguryeo Kingdom in 668 AD the two remaining kingdoms of Silla and Baekje go to war to unify the whole peninsula under a single ruler.

The legendary "Killing Art" of Sashinmu resurfaces and a mysterious cadre is hell-bent on claiming it from the few warriors charged with destroying the art before it can fall into the wrong hands. Our protagonists, Rin Yhun and Bi-Ryu find themselves at the heart of an age-old conflict. Rin is the daughter of a Sashinmu practitioner and Bi-Ryu is the grandson of the infamous North Star. After being driven to a state of madness by completing the art of Sashinmu, North Star slew over 100 fighters and then was mysteriously murdered.

United by fate, Rin and Bi-Ryu must decide, should the secrets of the Sashinmu be destroyed, or should they be mastered once again? Joined by Bi-Ryu's tiger-girl companion, they plunge into the blood-soaked legacy their ancestors have left for them.

NOW is an exciting martial arts rollercoaster ride. It cleverly incorporates elements of Korean mythology, action and heart-warming themes, which appeal to the growing legions of manga fans. The action in NOW is beautifully rendered, and the relationships, which develop between the characters, are equally fascinating. NOW will take your breath away and leave you on the edge of each page. Sung-woo Park melds magic, martial arts and mystery for a stunning epic drama in NOW!


Volume One of NOW is available in September 2003 exclusively at Waldenbooks and Borders. To find a store near you visit www.preferredreader.com. In December volume 1 will be available everywhere. The black & white 200 page graphic novels will be priced at $9.95. More detailed series information can be found at http://www.comicsone.com/manga/now/.

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