ComicsMover.com unveils Vendor membership, launches second phase

COLUMBUS, OH: ComicsMover.com, a listing service and community created for the redistribution of comics and related products amongst comics retailers, has recently launched the second phase of its operations. Publishers, manufacturers, suppliers and other vendors of comic books and comic-book related material are now able to offer their wares directly to ComicsMover.com's growing network of comics retailers.

According to ComicsMover.com creator Sean McKeever, the addition of comics vendors to the site's ranks shows a great deal of promise. "I'm really quite excited about this new chapter in ComicsMover.com's existence," enthused McKeever. "I mean, here we have a community where retailers can simultaneously shop listings of other retailers' overstock as well as comics vendors' listings under a single shopping cart engine, and it costs retailers nothing to join the site. I really think this site has the potential to change the way retailers and publishers work together.

"There are a great many publishers out there who would like to have more control over the distribution of their product. They want to be able to set their own prices, they want retailers to see interior previews, they want the possibility to speak with retailers one on one, and they want to have as many distribution outlets as possible. All that is now possible with ComicsMover.com."

Vendors can become ComicsMover.com members for a monthly fee, while listings also incur nominal fees, with fees for add-ons like the storage of preview images. As always, ComicsMover.com membership is free for retailers.

Launched in July of 2002, ComicsMover.com has been responsible for moving thousands of dollars in product amongst dozens of comics retailers. ComicsMover.com was created, developed and maintained by comics writer Sean McKeever. For more information, visit http://comicsmover.com.

[ED. NOTE: For more on ComicsMover.com, read CBR's interview with Sean McKeever from August 12th.]

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