Comics2Film Wrap for March 6th, 2003


Producers AndrewCosby and Ross Richie told Comics2Film that Spyglass Entertainment hashired a new writer to rewrite the script for the movie version of Matt Wagner's"Mage"comic. The good news is that the new writer is already a veteran of the project,a "Mage" fan and well acquainted with the material.

In fact, the newwriter is none other than Andrew Cosby himself. Cosby wrote and created the critically acclaimed, but low-rated, TV series"Haunted." He told C2F/CBR News that plans are to use the previousscript by John Rogers as a starting point.

The recent successes of comic book movies like "Spider-Man" and"Daredevil" and fantasy films like "Lord of the Rings" havelead to a shift in thinking about what is possible with the "Mage"movie.

NOTE: This was previously reported at Comics2Film.com, but we arere-presenting it for our new readers at CBR News.


WarnerBros. Online and Warner Bros. Animation have announced a new online cartoonoutlet that has new animated concepts competing for fan approval.

The Web site, Cartoon Monsoon, iscomprised of two rounds of competition featuring an original, jury-selected,animator-submitted cartoon every two weeks. Site visitors view the originalworks and then vote for their favorite cartoons, with the cartoons receiving themost votes facing off in showdowns at the end of each round, and the final twovying for the top spot.

Of special interest to C2F readers is the inclusion of a DC Comicsadaptation. Visitors to Cartoon Monsoon will be able to view a short pilot for"Zatanna," DC's young, female magician-in-training.

The short is animated and written by DC animation legend Paul Dini. The concept is tweaked quite a bit from the comic book, andfeatures a hip, teenage Zatanna coping with high school, a protective father andadolescence as well as confronting the occasional super villain.

"Zatanna" is listed as a "special feature" of the newsite and is not part of the competition.


One time "Legion of Superheroes" comic artist Steve Lightle postedan item of interest on his personal Web site recently. Fans of comic basedanimation can now get a look at animation designs for what would have been acool addition to the line up DC Comics cartoons.

Lightle is auctioning off two pieces of design art that he created for a proposed "Legion ofSuperheroes" animated show. We'll show you a preview here, but if you wantto see the full sized images and bid on them, you'll have to visit Lightle'sWeb site.

In spite of the cool designs and interesting series pitch, C2F/CBR News hasheard that the proposal was ultimately rejected.

The auction runs through March 9, so visit SteveLightle's Web site and place your bid before it's too late!

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