Comics2Film Wrap for March 28th, 2003


Jamie Kennedy will follow in the footsteps of Jim Carrey and become the big,green head when he dons "The Mask" according to TheHollywood Reporter.

"Son of the Mask" will be New Line Cinema's sequel to the hit comicbook adaptation which starred Jim Carrey, newcomer Cameron Diaz, a spunky jackrussell terrier and a whole lot of cool CGI special effects.

The new movie will not attempt to link to Carrey's Stanley Ipkiss character.Instead, it will focus on acartoonist who is not ready for fatherhood but finds himself raising a babyendowed with the powers of the mask of Loki.

Kennedy currently hosts The WB Network's hidden-camera show "JKX: TheJamie Kennedy Experiment."  He was also a fan favorite character inthe "Scream" movie trilogy, so much so that his character appeared inthe third installment even after he was killed off in the second. 

"Son of the Mask" was written by Lance Khazei and rewritten by Rob McKittrick and the team of TomGammill and Max Pross.



The movie version of Harvey Pekar's "American Splendor" is gearingup to be this year's "Ghost World." The movie a blend of documentaryfootage and drama, took the Grand Jury Prize for best drama at this year'sSundance Film Festival. 

The movie, produced by HBO films subsequently was picked up for a theatricalrelease by Fine Line pictures. Fine Line has now released a set of publicityphotos which, C2F/CBR News presents here for your clicking enjoyment.

At this point Fine Line has not announced a release date for "American Splendor."


Paul Giamatti as Harvey Pekar

Photo Credit: John Clifford

Hope Davis as Joyce Brabner

Photo Credit: John Clifford

Davis and Giamatti

Photo Credit: John Clifford

Giamatti and Davis

Photo Credit: John Clifford

Paul Giamatti

Photo Credit: John Clifford

(left to right) Shari Berman Springer and Robert Pulcini, directors of "American Splendor"

Photo Credit: Patrick Haley

Harvey Pekar

Photo Credit: John Clifford

Joyce Brabner andHarvey Pekar

Photo Credit: John Clifford



"The Hulk" will make an early bow at The American Museum of the Moving Imageaccording to today's Variety.The movie will be presented as part of a retrospective of the work of directorAng Lee.

Members of AMMI will get to sit down with jade jaws on June 19, a day beforethe movie's general release. 

Lee and screenwriterJames Schamus will participate in a Q & A session June 7 in the museum's Pinewood Dialogueseries.



Fans of comic book TV shows are reminded to tune in to VH1's "Where are They Now?: Heroes and Villains."

The show airs tonight at 10:00pm and puts the spotlight on actors andactresses who have donned the tights in such TV fare as "Batman,""The Incredible Hulk", "Shazam" and more. Check out ourprevious report for more information about the show.

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