Comics2Film Wrap for March 25th, 2003


Comics2Film's secret source in the animation world updated us on agrab bagof comic related projects.

In spite of recent reports to the contrary, our source tells us an animatedshow based on Aquaman is moving forward. Animation vet Mario Piluso is producingthe show. Puliso produced and directed "Jonny Quest vs. the CyberInsects" for TV and "The Halloween Tree." He's also the directorof the animated sequel to "Charlotte's Web."

Our source also tells us an animated take on "Shazam" is in development as "adoofy comedy." "Eek the Cat" creator Bill Kopp is said to bebehind this one. This is somewhat puzzling, as Shazam is also in development asa feature film with New Line Cinema.

Of course, "Teen Titans" is also in development as a live-actionmovie, but will be an animated show on Cartoon Network this year. Our source tellsus to watch for a toy line from Mattel for the "Teen Titans"show. 



The WB Network has given an early green light to a third season of"Smallville" according to today's Variety.The show has been a ratings winner for the WB since its debut.

"Smallville" was one of six shows that the network has alreadydecided to bring back next fall. The others are "7th Heaven,""Charmed," "Gilmore Girls," "Everwood" and"Reba."



Last summer, Entertainment Weeklypublished its "Power 100" list. Appropriate to the summer of"Spider-Man", the list carried a comic book theme and featured artworkof Hollywood's biggest power players in the guise of comics' greatestcharacters.

Fans who missed the issue will now get a chance to take a look at the art aspart of the New York City ComicBook Museum's virtual exhibit "Alter Egos: Power Stars ofEntertainment." The exhibit premieres online starting Friday, March 28th.

"This online exhibit produced by the New York City Comic Book Museum isa terrific way to share the work of these talented artists with a natural fanbase," said Sandy Drayton, Entertainment Weekly's Director ofCommunications. "During its 13 year history, Entertainment Weekly hasworked with a stellar group of illustrators to bring visual life to theeditorial tone of the magazine. These superhero illustrations are a perfectexample of that."

The artwork portrays Tom Hanks as Captain America, Russell Crowe as Thor,Jennifer Lopez as Catwoman, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne as Batman and Robin, JuliaRoberts as Wonder Woman, Reese Witherspoon as Supergirl, and many more.



Those crazy, foul-mouthed Osborns are at it again. We're not talking aboutOzzy and Sharon. We're talking about Norman and Harry. Last summer, the comedywebsite The Sodajerks unveiled the first episode of The(Norman) Osborns which blended MTV's hit reality show with the Sony's hitmovie for a Spider-Man spoof.

New a newepisode is online featuring a walk-on by Daredevil. Check it out for somecomic book movie hilarity.



Varietyran a correction to its recent report on the "Astro Boy" anniversaryand the U.S. feature film that's being developed. C2F/CBR News picked up on themisinformation last Friday, so we're passing along the correction as well. Hereit is, verbatim:

"Sony is developing 'Astro Boy,' but the film project has not beenslated for a production start and there is no release date. Information wasincorrect in Friday's paper."

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