Comics2Film Wrap for March 19th, 2003


She'salready got a slate of comic-based movies that would make Don Murphy jealous,including Marvel top-liners like "The Hulk" and "ThePunisher." Now Varietyreports producer Gale Anne Hurd is teaming with Emmett/Furla Films (EFF) todevelop "Micronauts" for feature film and TV.

Abrams/Gentile Entertainment, the property's current owner who has beenworking to revive the line for years, is part of the partnership. Also on boardis Character Vision who has handled the "Micronauts" licensing oflate.

Randall Emmett and George Furla's EFF brought the property to Hurd.

"Micronauts" originated as a Mego Toy line and was developed as acomic book by Marvel. 

Most recently "Micronauts" have seen a revivalas a comic line by Josh Blaylock's Devil'sDue studio. The article makes no mention of whether or not the developmentof storylines for the movies or TV shows will be consistent with those presentedin the comics.



Steve Rude gaveComics2Film/CBR News an update on the planned "Nexus" animated pilot.Rude tells us that the promo film will be ready for a screening at this year'sComic-Con International in San Diego.

"It will feature approximately 2 minutes of all the 'Nexus' characters invarious situations, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression," Rude said.

He and his crew are hard at work finishing up the initialanimation.



In his "Bad Signal" e-mail newsletter, Warren Ellis informs readersthat he's just inked a deal to develop a TV movie for SCI-FI Channel called"Superhuman." 

The cable outlet approached Ellis about creating a comic book like show."What I gave them back was something action-based but more grounded andscience-fictional; more

in common with Sturgeon, Pohl, Zelazny and Silverberg than 'Spider-Man,'"Ellis said, ''And they bought it anyway, bless them.

"It's about the confluence of physical change and transhumantechnological approach bringing on superhumanity."

Ellis stated he will be "originator and a producer" on the show,but also cautions fans that there's no telling how far things will go at thispoint.

Ellis says the deal was brokered by manager Aaron Michiel and agent Angela

Cheng Caplan with Carel Cutler at Writers And Artists.

Here's a shout out to Brian from the Comic Cubicle in Williamsburg, VA forsending in the tip.



It's been pretty quiet on the "Barbarella" movie front lately.About two and a half years ago it was announced that Drew Barrymore wasdeveloping a new movie version of Jean-Claude Forest's classic adult comic. JohnAugust ("Charlie's Angels") wrote the script and we haven't heard muchsince.

Today's Varietyprovides a small blip for fans who still have "Barbarella" on theirradar. An article in the trade details a two-year extension to the deal betweenSony Pictures Entertainment and Flower Films, the production shingle headed upby Barrymore and partner Nancy Juvonen.

"Barbarella" is named as one of the films on Flower's developmentslate. Other films on deck are "Fifty First Kisses,""Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," "Duplex" and "A Confederacy of Dunces."



He'sbeen a legend in the Mexican luche libra circuit for decades. A professionalwrestler turned comic-book hero and movie and TV star. He's El Santo and he'sone of the biggest superstars of Mexican pop culture.

Soon fans in the U.S. will get a look at the character's latest cinematicextravaganza, "Santo: Infraterrestre."

 Rise Above Entertainment announced this week the U.S. distribution ofthe film on DVD, slated for a Cinco De Mayo release (well, the actual date willbe May 6th).

The new movie, produced in 2000 by Molinar Films, features Jorge Guzman, theson of the Rodolfo Guzman Huerta, the original El Santo. Here's how Rise AboveEntertainment describes the movie. 

"'Santo: Infraterrestre' pits the legend in the silver mask against anefarious group of kidnappers, who either hail from a criminal organization...orouter space! Are they extraterrestrials bent on world domination or a group ofthugs looking to terrorize the city for material gain? Diego, a young boy knowsthe truth, and only El Santo, the number one agent for the Agency of NationalSecurity and his friends can save him…and the world!"

The movie is due out on May 6th in both a feature-packed DVD as well as inthe VHS format. 

Additionally, Rise Above Entertainment will release the classic films of ElSanto starting with "Santo in The Treasure of Dracula" and "Santoand Blue Demon vs. Dr. Frankenstein," both also due out on the 6th. Twoclassic Santo titles will be released each month after that.

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