Comics2Film Wrap for March 17th, 2003


Comics2Film/CBR News has learned that the Hurricane Comics graphic novel "Violent Messiahs: The Book of Job" is now in development as a feature film. Hurricane producers Kevin Cleary and Josh Morris and developing the project with Maverick Films, the production shingle headed up by Madonna.

Sources tell us that this project marks the beginning of a first-look deal that Hurricane now has with Maverick. Plans are to develop other Hurricane properties for film, television and video games.

Maverick is enjoying success with its current release "Agent Cody Banks." The Frankie Muniz pic is doing well at the box-office, with a sequel already greenlit. Maverick is also developing such comic-based fare as Marvel's "Mort The Dead Teenager" and Chaos Comics' "Chastity."


Speaking to Creature Corner, screenwriter Hans Rodionoff ("Spawn 2") gave his stamp of approval to screenwriter Robert Nelson Jacobs ("Chocolat"), who was recently hired to do a polish on his script for Marvel's "Werewolf by Night" script.

"Writing a movie like 'Werewolf By Night' is like building a house," Rodionoff told Creature Corner. "It requires a bunch of different specialists. You wouldn't ask your electrician to put in your bathtub, and it's sort of the same situation here. The more complex the story, the more specialists required. 'Lord of the Rings' is a good example. 'The Two Towers' is a horror movie, an action movie, a love story and a coming of age drama all in one. And it works on all levels. I think that 'Werewolf' has the potential to be that kind of movie, and Robert Nelson Jacobs is a really talented writer. I can't wait to see what he does."

Sources tell C2F/CBR News that Jacobs has already turned in his draft for consideration.

Thanks to Dan C. for the lead.


It's a mystery. Why can't Warner Bros. get a DC Comics franchise going in this renaissance age of comic book movies? The "Superman" project has been brewing for over a decade now and today both Hollywood trades had articles on the struggle to get it off the ground.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that director Brett Ratner's status as director of the project is now in jeopardy as the casting process has dragged on beyond his contractual commitment to the project. The trade reports that Ratner is not in a pay or play deal, as has been previously reported. Instead his option on the property expired on Saturday. News is expected this week if WB will renew his deal.

Additionally, Variety reports that some talent agents are actually citing the "Curse of Superman" as a reason thespians are shying away from the project.

The article reminds readers of former "Superman" lead Christopher Reeve's paralysis and George Reeves' death by gunshot. Kirk Alyn failed to sustain an acting career after playing the man of steel in serials. Bud Collyer, who voiced Superman in animated shows, died of a circulatory ailment three years after his second stint.

Superman's big screen co-stars have also had bad breaks, with Margot Kidder suffering from psychological problems and Richard Pryor being stricken with multiple sclerosis.

However, C2F/CBR News would like to add that recent Supermen Tom Welling, Dean Cain, Tim Daily and George Newbern are all doing well.


"Daredevil" remains a top 10 movie in its fifth week of release. The Marvel-based action flick hung in at #9 or #10 this weekend (depending on which estimates you believe) with a total domestic gross now standing at $96 million.


Filmmaker John Ottman recently updated fans on his work on the "X-Men 2" movie via a posting on his official website. Ottman is serving as both the editor on the movie as well as the film's composer. Here's the posting from March 7th:

"After months of editing and writing music, John Ottman finally started recording the 100+ minute score to 'X-Men 2' today. With a 90+ piece orchestra (and choir) to be utilized, conductor / orchestrator Damon Intrabartolo kicked off the scoring session at the Newman Scoring Stage. Look for pictures and more coming soon!"

Thanks to X-Fan for the lead.


The WB Network, whose programming has typically been female-focused, is now enjoying a gender-balanced audience thanks to "Smallville."

Today's Variety reports that the frog net averages a 60% female viewership. However, the kid of steel pulls a more balanced audience, which splits 51% female and 49% male.

Other show that helped pull the guys include the now-cancelled "Birds of Prey," "Surreal Life" and "Jamie Kennedy Experiment."


Fans of super-monkeys will want to tune in to Cartoon Network on Tuesday, April 1st, for "Cartoon Network's April Fools' Day Monkey Marathon."

The day of primate programming runs from 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. (ET, PT) with cartoons selected by a chimpanzee (technically an ape, not a monkey) named Jimbo.

Jimbo, selected such super-simian fare as the classic "Space Ghost" episode, "Planet of the Space Monkeys," which spot lights the adventuring monkey sidekick Blip as well as episodes of "Super Friends" featuring super-mascot Gleek (Zan and Jayna's primate pal) and top episodes of "The Powerpuff Girls" starring evil mutant monkey genius Mojo Jojo.

Also be on the lookout for the costumed chimp named Monkey from the "Dexter's Laboratory" spin-off cartoon "Dial M for Monkey," as well as classic characters like Bingo (the gorilla from "Banana Splits"), Grape Ape, Magilla Gorilla and more.

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