Comics2Film Wrap for March 13th, 2003


The Poster Image Archive has posted a couple of great new scans of posters for comic-based movie with short acronyms containing the letter X. That's right. It's the latest posters for "X-Men 2" and "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen." Check 'em out:

Thanks to Cinescape for the lead.


Angel Gate Press announced yesterday the development of a "Legend of Isis" feature film.

Original Film ("xXx", "S.W.A.T.") has begun work on the project in conjunction with Hollywood management concern Energy Entertainment. Luke McMullen is writing a script for the movie. McMullen's name came up just a few weeks back as the writer on Stan Lee's new original superhero concept "Forever Man."

"This film is being eyed in the vein of 'Raiders of the Lost Arc' -- with a memorable female role," said Energy Entertainment's Daniel Alter, who's been busy rounding up comic properties of late, to shepherd them into other media.

Darren G. Davis, Angel Gate editor-in-chief, created "Legend of Isis." It was previously published as a one-shot under Image Comics' "Image Introduces..." line. A new mini-series is due out in November of this year.


Variety reports that the out-of-control genre of reality TV is about to get a dose of fantasy from none other than Stan Lee. Lee and "Meet My Folks" producer Bruce Nash are teaming up to blend Lee's comic book sensibilities with an "American Idol" like showdown in which contestants vie to create a new superhero.

According to the article, there'll be an open call for contestants to show up dressed as a hero of their own creation and be judged by a panel of celebrities who has worn the tights at some point in their career.

Semi-finalists will get costume help from pros and have to go through rigorous tests of their super-abilities.

The eventual winner will likely end up in a comic book and possibly a feature film as well.

Lee and Nash are pitching the show around the nets this week. The pair had apparently been developing similar takes on the idea independently and decided to team-up (presumably after a four-page fist fight).

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