Comics2Film Wrap for March 10th, 2003


With the recent announcement of DC Comics landing the publishing rights to Wendy and Richard Pini's "Elfquest" series, fans may be wondering what's up with the long in-development animated feature. C2F/CBR News did some digging and, unfortunately the news wasn't good.

Marv Wolfman and Craig Miller had optioned the project under their Wolfmill Entertainment production shingle over four years ago. The development seemed to be making good progress, with Wolfman, Miller and Wendy Pini completing a script for the movie and Pini working up many design and background drawings for the project.

However, last year the project got caught up in corporate intrigue that is all too common in the film industry. One of the film's major European backers were Canal Plus, a company owned by the now-troubled Vivendi. Vivendi purchased the U.S. company Seagrams, who also owns Universal Studios. Universal then became in charge of all the projects being developed by Canal.

As is often the case with this kind of corporate regime change, projects held dear by the old bosses are pushed aside for those favored by the new bosses. Such is the case with "Elfquest."

Additionally, Miller confirmed for C2F last week that Wolfmill Entertainment's option on the property has lapsed. All involved agreed that it was time to explore new directions for an "Elfquest" feature.

We asked Richard Pini if he could shed any light on the current status of any "Elfquest" project. Pini simply referred us to the recent DC announcement, which may indicate the DC/Warner Bros. may get involved at some point. However Pini cautioned "things are way too fresh for movie news at the moment."


"Daredevil" is hanging in on the top 10 box office charts this week. Early weekend estimates have the comic flick coming in at #7 and bringing its four-week total to $91.5 million. We asked Brandon Gray of Box Office Mojo what he thought about the man without fear hitting the next milestone.

"'Daredevil' will hit $100 million [domestic gross], but it won't be for a couple of months or around when it leaves theaters completely," was Gray's expert analysis. "It'll come too close to the century mark for Fox not to keep it going until it reaches that milestone.

"Even though it has been displaying legs about as short as 'Blade II's,' 'Daredevil' has posted respectable numbers for a comic book superhero that's not one of the 'Big 5'," he said, referring to "Spider-Man," "Batman," "Superman," "X-Men" and "The Hulk."


Over at MTV Movie House Ryan J. Downey chatted with Selma Blair about her role in the upcoming "Hellboy" movie.

Blair said she is relieved to not be playing another "country-club ninny" as she's been seen in "A Guy Thing" and "Legally Blonde."

The actress described her character in the movie.

"I play Elizabeth Sherman," Blair told MTV. "When I'm about 11, I kill my entire family and town. I'm a fire-starter. I have these supernatural, telekinetic powers. The kids all make fun of me. I'm always a bit different. And this rage and sadness lead me to self-combust and I burn up my entire town. I'm a good girl. And that's my tragic flaw - I've killed everyone I loved. I'm this tragically flawed superhero, in a way, when I'm taken in by the government to help them with their research on paranormal phenomena."

While the actress confesses that "Richie Rich" was more her speed as a comic reader, she has now read all of the "Hellboy" books in preparation for her role.

"The comics are beautiful. Mike Mignola [is] one of the best artists. And [director] Guillermo Del Toro is certainly doing him justice. This has been in his heart and soul for a couple of years," Blair told Downey.

So does the actress have a bright future in comic book movies? She hopes so. Blair said she'd love to land the gig as Lois Lane in the upcoming "Superman" feature. "That's something I'm fighting tooth and nail for. But they will be shooting it at the same time as 'Hellboy,' so it's going to be a struggle."

For more of Blair's "Hellboy" comments please see the article at MTV Movie House.


"Kangaroo Jack" star Jerry O'Connell is the latest actor to throw his name in the "Superman" casting lotto, according to a report in Anderson Jones' Movie Scoop column on E! Online. The actor confirmed that he is one of the many young leading men who have tested for the part of Clark Kent.

"There is some stiff competition, but I guarantee you I can do more push-ups than all those other guys," O'Connell said. He also joked, "I know for a fact that I look good in blue Spandex. If it doesn't happen, Space Ghost is always an option."

Jones also dug into the rumors that "Angel" star David Boreanaz had landed the role. The actor shot down the rumor saying "It hasn't happened."

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