Comics2Film Wrap for April 3rd, 2003


Ain'tIt Cool News has confirmed that Thomas Jane hasbeen cast in the role of The Punisher.

The gossip site got theword directly from Marvel Entertainment's Avi Arad and Kevin Feige who hadreportedly just closed the deal when they spoke to AICN'sMoriarty.

Jane can be currently seen in theaters in Dreamcatcher.Fans will also remember him as Cameron Diaz's love interest in last year'sThe Sweetest Thing and as the shark-wrangling hero of DeepBlue Sea.  The Punisher would mark Jane's second outing in a comic-based movie, having previouslyappeared in The Crow: City of Angels.

Jane's involvement has been rumored since January, butthis is the first official word that he's actually been signed for the role.



Filmmaker David Goyer told Comics2Film/CBR News that comicscribe Ed Brubaker ("Catwoman", "Sleeper")has turned in a rewrite of the script adapting his indie comic book "TheFall."

Goyer and his producing partner Pascale Faubert optioned the "TheFall" for their Phantom Four production company last year. Goyer describesthe comic as having a "modern-day noir setting, kind of that slacker scenein Seattle. More in the 'Stray Bullets' vein, if you know that."

Now that the draft is in Phantom Four is currently assessing the next step inthe development effort.



Composer to the superheroes Danny Elfman will pick up the conductor'sbaton for "The Hulk" according to a report from Musicfrom the Movies. The site simply reports that the previous composer, MychaelDanna, "has been dropped," offering no additional details.

Thanks to Movie CityGeek for the lead.



Members of the cast and crew of "X-Men 2" made an appearance on FXTuesday night, hosting an airing of "X-Men." ComicsContinuum set their VCR and recorded some of the mutant moviemakers'musings about the sequel.

Director Bryan Singer said he's got a few things in store that'll blow eventhe hard-core fans away.  "Even with all the Internet talk and all ofthe things that people know or think they know, there will still be somesurprises," Singer said. "I guarantee it."

Hugh Jackman talked about duking it out will Kelly Hu, who play's LadyDeathstrike in the movie.

"When Wolverine encounters Deathstrike, he's pitched in a ferocious,fierce, ugly, flesh-tearing battle," Jackman said.

Hu was also on hand and promised that the wire work in the new move looksabsolutely fantastic.

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