Comics2Film Wrap for April 1st, 2003


SCI FI Channel announced it's slate of mini-series for the coming yearyesterday. On the docket for genre fans are eight new titles, two of them comicbased.

After a long absence from comics, Joe Quesada and Jimmy Palmiotti's"Painkiller Jane" is now in development as a two-hour backdoor pilotfor the cable net. Altering the premise from the comic, SCI FI provides thisdescription for the show:

"This action-hero series [features] a young marine officer, JaneBrowning, who is exposed to a biochemical weapon that changes her genetically,endowing her with incredible self-healing powers. She becomes an ultra-covertagent fighting crime while struggling to remain free from those who would nowuse her gifts for sinister purposes."

John Harrison (writer and director of "Frank Herbert's Dune") willwrite, direct and serve as executive producer on the show. Don Opper is alsowriting and serving as executive producer. Greg Gold is executive producing aswell.

Spinning out of the pages of Todd McFarlane's "Spawn" comics comes"Suture Girl."

After being violently murdered by a serial killer, a beautiful formeradvertising executive is literally stitched back to life and imbued with specialpowers by a mysterious gypsy woman. Now, living amongst her new family in thegypsy community, Suture -- still curiously beautiful -- is a voice for theoppressed and a court of last resort, as she fearlessly fights evil with thehelp of a handsome crusading lawyer.

Alan McElroy created the character in the pages of "Curse of theSpawn." McElroy has been very involved with McFarlane's flagship franchise,writing scripts for the "Spawn" feature film, the "Spawn"animated series and many of the comics. He'll be writing the script for this TVpilot too.

Fireworks Entertainment and Edmonds Entertainment's CEO/President Tracey E.Edmonda, Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, and Edmonds Entertainment's head oftelevision Sheila Ducksworth are all executive producers. McFarlane will alsoserve as a producer.

The two new comic-based shows join the previously announced Marvel shows"Brother Voodoo" and "1000 Days" (based on "StrikeforceMorituri") on the SCI FI Channel development slate.

Other newly announced titles include "Dead Lawyers," "TheDivide," "Legion," "Stargate: Atlantis," "CliveBarker's The Evil One" and "Total Eclipse."


Varietyreports that Twentieth Century Fox has picked up the feature film option on JoeMadureira's "Battle Chasers."

Stuart Hazeldine, who wrote the SCI FI series "Riverworld," is innegotiations to write the script for the movie. Alex Young, Ken Levin and JasonNetter are executive producers.


Edward Furlong talked to MTV.comabout his upcoming gig as James O'Barr's tormented avenger The Crow. In thefourth big-screen installment, dubbed "The Crow: Wicked Prayer"features Furlong coming back from the dead after getting stomped by a gang ofbikers.

"The story is, like, people taking peyote," Furlong promised."It's crazy."

The actor, speaking at last week's "Spun" premiere, wore a cast onhis arm after a household mishap. Never the less, he said he's getting intofighting trim for the new role.

The movie is due to start filming in a couple of months. Lance Mungia("Six String Samurai") is directing.

"I think it's going to be the best one," Furlong said. "I comein. I kill the bad guys. I'm the Crow. ... It's going to be dope!"


"X-Men 2" director Bryan Singer told WorldEntertainment News Network that he doesn't sweat that other superhero movie"The Matrix: Reloaded."

"I think we're in a different world than 'The Matrix,' and we'reexciting in a different way, and we have different characters and a differenttone," Singer said. "We operate in our own universe. We don't worryabout 'Superman' and 'Spider-Man' and 'The Matrix' and 'The Hulk.'"

The much-anticipated cyber-actioner bows just two weeks after Marvel'sMutants hit the big-screen. "X-Men 2" is due in theaters May 2.

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