Comics2Film Wrap for April 17th, 2003


NewRegency and Twentieth Century Fox have hired Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner topen the script for the "Daredevil" spinoff "Elektra"according to today's Variety.The pair previously wrote "Deathlok" for Marvel and Paramount.

Jennifer Garner, who played Elektra in "Daredevil" heard the pitchfrom the writers and is reportedly happy with it. Apparently the storyline willdraw from Frank Miller's "Elektra Saga" and introduce the femmefatale's mentor Stick to moviegoers.

Mark Steven Johnson will not direct "Elektra" although he is onboard as a producer. The director recently committed to helming "GhostRider" for Marvel, Columbia Pictures and Crystal Sky. Johnson willdefinitely be back behind the cameras for "Daredevil 2" as well.

Johnson's Horseshoe Bay partner Gary Foster, and Marvel's Avi Arad will alsoproduce.



What's it going to be: magic or bats? That's the choice director Chris Nolan("Memento") may have to make with his slate of upcoming projectsaccording to today's Variety

Fans know that earlier in the year Nolan became attached to direct the nextinstallment of the "Batman" franchise. Just last month David Goyer("Blade") came on board to write the screenplay for the movie.

However, Nolan has now agreed to direct "The Prestige," based on anovel by Christopher Priest about a bitter feud between Victorian era stagemagicians. The script for that one has already been written by Jonathan Nolan,the director's brother who also wrote the short story that became the basis for"Memento."

Nolan is set to act as producer on "The Prestige" as well.

Does this mean trouble for "Batman?" Not necessarily. According tothe write up, Nolan is still committed to the caped crusader but it may have towait until "The Prestige," which appears to be further along, wraps.



IGNFilmForce said fans who go to looking for "League of ExtraordinaryGentlemen" fun meals at the local burger joint, or the smash-and-grab Mr.Hyde figure at the toy store, are bound to be disappointed.

Unlike most comic based adaptation, Fox is not planning any ancillaryproducts to tie in with the "LXG" movie. No toys, no trading cards,not even a comic adaptation of the movie that adapts the comic. The only"LXG" products that will be on the shelves come show time are thegraphic novels and comics themselves, and the novelization of the movie.

In other LXG news, FilmForce reports that the movie's official title remains"The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" in spite of Internet rumors tothe contrary.

LXG is in theaters July 11, 2003.

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