Smulders Maria HIll

In the books, Maria Hill was crucial as a pseudo-antagonist representing S.H.I.E.L.D. in events like Civil War and Avengers: Standoff at Pleasant Hill with Kobik (the sentient cosmic cube). She always sticks to her convictions and does what she believes is right in the name of justice. However, when it

comes to the movies, she's not as much an authority figure and is more of Nick Fury's lackey in the MCU.

Hill is yet to really play a big part in things, popping up in The Avengers to shoot the Chitauri up and then to help Fury escape the wrath of the Winter Soldier, but other than that, she's been severely underused. This is the right time to have her rounding up a team similar to Secret Avengers, Secret Warriors or Thunderbolts so that she can truly avenge instead of just spectate on the bench.


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