Comics Vet Matt Idelson Looks Forward to "Incredible Transformation" at Dynamite

When DC Comics made the cross-country move from New York to Los Angeles last year, editor Matt Idelson, a 15-year veteran of the company who worked on high-profile books, including the Batman and Superman titles, stayed on the East coast.

This week, industry observers learned of his next move: Senior Editor at New Jersey-based Dynamite Entertainment, known primarily for licensed titles including current hits "James Bond," "Bob's Burgers" and its recent reinventions of "Vampirella," "Red Sonja" and "Dejah Thoris." CBR had a brief chat with Idelson and fellow Dynamite Senior Editor Joseph Rybandt on his new gig, what he'll be working on initially and a tease of an "incredible transformation" coming to the publisher.

CBR News: Matt, after such a long and notable run at DC Comics (and several years at Marvel before that), what attracted you to Dynamite? What opportunities do you see at Dynamite that are unique in the comics industry? 

Matt Idelson: Three things drew me to Dynamite. They handle a lot of licensed properties, which I don't have a lot of experience with (I managed to dodge the "Catwoman" movie adaptation while at DC at the cost of my immortal soul), and there's a variety to both the properties Dynamite has, and some exciting things we're working towards. Second, there's the opportunity to do some really different types of projects which has always appealed to me. At DC and Marvel before that, my dream projects weren't really in line with the overall company mandate.  And lastly, the company is physically much smaller. There's a tight group of really amazing individuals working very closely together which I've instantly found to be quite enjoyable.

Joe, what projects will Matt be taking on initially as he comes on board as Senior Editor? 

Joe Rybandt: Matt noted the size of the company, and as such, that means he's going to be involved in a little bit of everything, that's just how it works. But, specifically to start, he was asked to put together creative ideas and teams for a series of titles that we weren't currently doing anything with, but wanted to get back into the marketplace.

Now, to go back to my opening point about doing a little bit of everything, Matt's a more specialized case here because of his vast experience, meaning that we can utilize him on other aspects when discussing creative and even have him lend a hand where a property is expanding on needs a rethink, aside from the titles we specifically asked him to get up and running.

Matt, what kind of goals do you have for Dynamite now that you're on board as a Senior Editor? In what ways would you like to see the company develop?

Idelson: Well, like I said, there's the opportunity to do some really different things for the first time in my career, and to work with both creators I've gotten to work with before and ton of folks I'd otherwise have not gotten the chance to.  It's really just getting to try some new and different things. As far as the development of the company, Dynamite's going through an incredible transformation right now, and while I can't really go into the nature of that, I can say that it's going to be pretty excellent.

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