Comics You Need To Read This Week - April 24th, 2019

The final new comic book day of April is upon us, and with it comes some another bounty of wonderful titles. DC Comics has a lot on its plate this week, offering the confession of Wally West, Superman with a dashing beard, and a town filled with love-struck maniacs and Greek gods.

Marvel is hitting hard with a fantastic "War of the Realms" tie-in book as well as another dark tale about Star Wars’ greatest villain. Image Comics launch a sequel to a fan-favorite series that should pique everyone’s attention.

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7 Action Comics #1010

By Brian Michael Bendis, Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, and Josh Reed


Lois and Clark are one step closer to discovering who and what Leviathan really is in Action Comics #1010. Part four in the “Leviathan Rising” story arc is packed with as much intrigue as the previous chapters, but does offer a bit of insight as to what could be over the horizon without handfeeding the audience the clues.

Bendis is doing great work here. His plotting is smart, brisk, and the three central storylines woven together are paced wonderfully. Epting’s artwork is also fantastic. Whether it’s Superman jettisoning across the sky or a just a pair of characters having a conversation, each panel is lovingly crafted and wonderful to look at, plenty visuals from noir comics and classic superhero fare.

6 Heroes in Crisis #8

By Tom King, Mitch Gerads, Travis Moore, and Clayton Cowles


Wally West spills the beans in the harrowing penultimate issue of the limited series, Heroes in Crisis. All the fine details of how the horrific events at The Sanctuary are laid out on display like a tapestry for bad decisions and desperation.

Heroes in Crisis #8 is a prime example of why Tom King is one of the most coveted writers in the comic book industry. The storytelling is sprawling, tragic, and often infuriating by design. Mitch Gerads and Travis Moore’s art work deliver goods as will, portraying the intricate confessional in haunting detail. This issue might leave a lot of readers feeling cold and a bit sad, but it’s effective and necessary.

5 Wonder Woman #69

By G. Willow Wilson, Xermanico, Romulo Fajardo Jr., Oat Brosseau, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson


The new weird and wonderful story arc, appropriately titled “Love is a Battlefield” gets off on the right foot in Wonder Woman #69. G. Willow Winslow and Xermanico take Diana’s quest to find Aphrodite’s long lost son to a small town filled with residents who share a collective free love vibe.

Things get immediately hostile (because, why wouldn’t they) as the force behind the lustful town comes to the forefront. With beautiful art, smart dialogue, and a gods in suburbia plotline, this is another great issue in what has traditionally been a solid series. If you haven’t been keeping up with current Wonder Woman comics, this isn't a bad jumping on issue.

4 Ascender #1

By Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen


Set a decade after the events of the Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen’s brilliant series Descender, the creative duo is back with a sequel, and we couldn’t be more excited to return to their beautiful melancholy world of science fiction fantasy.

Set in a world where magic has taken rule over machinery, Asender #1 focuses on Andy and Effie’s daughter Mila as and her struggles to survive. Ascender promises to be a worthy follow up in every conceivable way with gorgeous artwork and an intriguing setup. This is a series you don’t want to leave off your pull list.

3 Mr. and Mrs. X #10

By Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, Frank D'Armata, VC's Joe Sabino, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson


Anytime Mojo gets a wrench thrown into his plans is a great day in the X-Men comic universe. With a little help from Spiral, everyone’s favorite love-struck mutant power couple battle their way out of Mojoverse, and make some startling revelations along the way in the finale to “Rogue and Gambit Forever.”

Mr. and Mrs. X might been the most consistently great X-Men title currently running. Each issues if filled with heart, humor, romance, and insane adventures. Mr. and Mrs. X #10 is no different. This book truly does have something for everyone.

2 Star Wars: Vader - Dark Visions #3

By Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum, David Lopez, Javi Pina, Muntsa Vicente, VC's Joe Caramagna, and Greg Smallwood


It should come to surprise that Darth Vader is a giant jerk, but Star Wars: Vader – Dark Visions #3 takes things to a whole new level… well, maybe not to a whole new level; this is a guy who cut down a room of children for apparently no good reason. But this issue does reinstate how despicable Vader is.

Each issue of Dark Visions have given us a view of Vader from the perspective of someone on the outskirts of his life. In this issue, it’s from the point of view of a woman who becomes infatuated with the dark lord. What could go wrong? Well, a lot, actually, and not in that fun romantic comedy sort of way.

1 The War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1

By Matthew Rosenberg, Pere Perez, Rachel Rosenberg, VC’s Travis Lanham, and David Yardin


The X-Men have been pretty busy as of late. Most of their ranks have been spirited away to a gonzo existence in the Age of X-Man, and those who have been left behind are fighting for survival as their enemies amass against all mutants… oh, and for a cherry on top, Cyclops got shot in the face (he got better).

So how do the threadbare X-Men handle the invasion of Malekith and his armies? The War of the Realms: Uncanny X-Men #1 answers that question (spoiler: there is a lot mutant power level flexes this issue). Matthew Rosenberg maintains his uncanny hot streak with great art by Pere Perez. This is one of the better War of the Realm tie-in book so far. And if you’re a fan of the current run of Uncanny X-Men, this is a must read.

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