'Comics Spotlight' debuts in May

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[Comics Spotlight #1]COMICS SPOTLIGHT #1 debuts this May with the spotlight on Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man! Comics Spotlight is an old-fashioned, honest Question and Answer magazine that interviews the creators behind some of the greatest comics ever.

Each quarterly issue of the 80-page, comic size magazine will spotlight a different aspect of comics, and the first issue kicks off with the first family of Spider-Man-the Romita's! John Sr, John Jr. and long-time Marvel veteran Virginia Romita are on board for the first issue. In addition, Brian Michael Bendis, the writer behind Ultimate Spider-Man, and other creators, join us for a look at everyone's favorite wall-crawler.

COMICS SPOTLIGHT #1 is a FEATURED ITEM in the MARCH 2002 PREVIEWS and can be found on page 342.

Comics Spotlight is published by Ground Zero, LLC, a Colorado-based company that produces a variety of high quality art lithographs. Publisher Charlie Novinskie is the former sales and promotions manager for Topps Comics and currently serves as the secretary to the disbursement committee for ACTOR, a non-profit organization committed to aiding comic book creators and industry professionals in need.

Novinskie sums up the publication, "Comics Spotlight is much more than an interview magazine. The first issue will also contain numerous articles on the history of Spider-Man as well as a look at Spidey products and memorabilia." Novinskie noted, "Comics Spotlight is an amalgamation of some fondly remembered magazines, ranging from Comics Interview to Amazing Heroes--all great publications that I had some involvement with."

Comics Spotlight will take a particular theme and provide a behind-the-scenes look that will make anyone picking up the magazine and instant expert on the subject. The focus on Spider-Man will provide a Rogue's Gallery, the women in Peter Parker's life, and a look at hard-to-find issues of Spider-Man.

In addition, one lucky reader will win the original cover artwork by renowned Canadian artist, Claude St. Aubin. Novinskie explained, "Claude was our go-to guy when I was working at Topps Comics. There wasn't anything Claude couldn't draw-even when we gave him what seemed like impossible deadlines. We were thrilled that Claude was not only available, but that he has agreed to join us as our regular cover artist. Claude's agreeing to contribute the artwork to our giveaway contest was an added bonus!"

If you love comics, then Comics Spotlight is for you!

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