Comics Should Be Good's Top 100 Marvel and DC Characters!

My pal, Ryan Kirk, is doing a Top 50 Cartoonists thing at CBR, and it reminded me that it has been about a year since I last did the Top 100 Writers and Artists thing, so I figured it was high time to do a new one! This time, though, I am opening up responses from ANYone, not just CBR members!

The question is - who are your favorite Marvel and DC characters (and yes, when I say "top" in the title, I just mean "your favorite," I know that confused some people last time)?

So everyone, please pick your Top 10 all-time favorite DC Comic characters, specifying which character you mean if it is a legacy character, like Green Lantern or Flash (including Vertigo and Watchmen, just not counting anything from Wildstorm, V for Vendetta or licensed comics, and All Star and Elseworlds characters count as separate characters) and your Top 10 all-time favorite Marvel characters, specifying which character you mean if it is a legacy character, which is rare in the Marvel Universe (not including licensed characters or Icon or Epic books, and Ultimate characters count as separate characters). So it'll be two lists, with 10 people on each list).

You then rank your favorites 1-10 (with 1 being your favorite, 2 second-favorite, etc.).

For each first place vote, the character will get 10 points. For every second, 9 points, etc.

I will let folks vote until 11:59 pm EST, September 9th, so we can get as many votes as possible (the more votes cast, the better the results are)!

Voting is really easy. Simply e-mail me (let's use bcronin@comicbookresources.com for this one, okay?) with your 10 favorite DC characters and your 10 favorite Marvel characters. Just vote by e-mail. Don't vote in the comments section, especially because I'd prefer for the results to be pretty secretive.

You must pick 10 characters per list for your choices to be counted!

Starting September 10th, I'll count down the results, AFI-style, with the Top 50 DC Comic Characters and the Top 50 Marvel Comic characters.

Okay? Start voting!!!

NOTE: The following groups count as one character (I'll add more as it becomes appropriate):

Female FuriesMetal MenInferior FiveWarriors ThreeMoon Boy and Devil DinosaurLegion of Substitute HeroesRed Ghost and the Super-ApesWe3

The following groups do not count as one character:X-Statix - Too many great, distinct charactersPower CompanyThunderboltsGLA/GLX/GLI

Regarding Legion of Superheroes characters, please specify which version you mean (pre-Zero Hour, Post-Zero Hour, Current series).

And for characters like Hank Pym and/or Robbie Baldwin, vote for whichever costumed identity you would like (just one per character, though, so no Speedball AND Penance), but I'll be combining the votes at the end (so a vote for Penance is the same as a vote for Speedball).

If any ruling you were confused by makes you wish to revise your list, just e-mail me a revised list (make sure you say "Revised List" in the title, though)

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