Comics Should Be Good's Top 100 Comic Book Storylines

Yes, I know, you're questioning your good fortune. First the DC Iconic Covers countdown and now THIS? Yep, it's true!

Welcome to the Comics Should Be Good Top 100 Comic Book Storylines poll!

It's been awhile since we've done one of these, and the end of the year is always a good time for it, I think.

It's time to vote for your top ten all-time favorite comic book storylines!

Here's the deal. You folks all vote in the comments section here up until 11:59 PM Eastern time, November 25th (the day before Thanksgiving), I'll tabulate all the votes and I'll begin a countdown of the winners starting November 27th!

Sound good?

Okay, here are the guidelines!

1. Vote in the comments section below, making sure to include that classic word "ACBC" somewhere in your comment so your vote will be marked invisible.

2. Vote for your ten favorite comic book storylines. Vote for TEN - less than ten storylines and I don't count your ballot.

3. Rank your ten favorite comic book storylines from #1 (your most favorite) to #10 (your 10th most favorite). I'd prefer it if you actually numbered your entry, #1-10. It's easier for me to count.

4. Your top choice will be given 10 points, your second choice 9, etc.

5. A comic book storyline is a main plotline that continues under one title, whether it be the title of the comic it appears in (like the Kree-Skrull War in Avengers or the first battle against Ra's Al Ghul in Batman) or the title of a crossover (like Crisis on Infinite Earths, Utopia, Kraven's Last Hunt, Seven Soldiers, etc.).

5A. Note that occasionally a non-explicitly labeled storyline might begin in one book and continue in another, like, say, the Magus Saga beginning in Strange Tales and continuing to Warlock's own (resurrected) book or the Sise-Neg storyline beginning in Marvel Premiere and continuing into Doctor Strange's ongoing title. Those storylines are allowed, and I think I can trust that you folks can figure out when something like that happened.

6. A comic book storyline must be at least two issues long. One-off stories need not apply, Even though that eliminates graphic novels like the great Asterios Polyp and one-shots like The Killing Joke, but, well, them's the breaks.

7. Unless clearly labeled as a storyline, there is a 12-issue limit for storylines (this is to dissuade votes like "Preacher #1-60" as one storyline). Galactic Storm is clearly labeled a storyline, even though it lasts more than 12 issues, same with Church and State in Cerebus. Fall of the Mutants also likely lasted more than 12 issues, but was clearly labeled as a storyline.

8. When listing your storyline, just try to make it clear what you're talking about.

9. I'll make various decisions in the interest of fairness.

If you have questions/clarification requests, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

Remember, please include the following word: ACBC - on your ballot. It will make it so your ballot appears invisible to other readers, so only I can read it (and count your vote secretly).

Most importantly, have fun!

Now vote! :)

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