Comics Should Be Good Top 50 Countdown! - #8

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As you might imagine, this one was a spectacular battle, with a great deal of very notable issues mixed with one not-so-notable issue that had GIGANTIC historical importance (plus a few other choices that would be fine picks in a weaker crop of issues).

To start, we'll look at the losers in the category, starting with two very notable issues from DC and Marvel maxi-series.

First off, Crisis on Infinite Earths #8 featured the death of Barry Allen.

That's just yooge.

No doubt about it - one of the most famous comic book deaths ever.

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8 featured the story introduction of Spider-Man's black costume (it had appeared in Amazing Spider-Man for months before this issue, but it was still a notable issue for the time - it goes for a lot more money than the other issues of Secret Wars).

Marvel has a trio of notable first appearances in #8s (really a quartet)...

Avengers #8 gave us our first look at Kang the Conquerer

Fantastic Four #8 was the first appearance of Alicia Masters AND her psycho step-father, the Puppetmaster.

The great Stilt-Man appeared first in Daredevil #8!

Unus, the Untouchable first showed up in X-Men #8.

Buttler wishes to point out that Manhunter first showed up in Police Comics #8, Warlord in DC 1st Issue Special #8 and Sub-Mariner and the Human Torch had one of the first superhero crossovers EVER in Marvel Mystery Comics #8! Certainly all worth an honorable mention!

Okay, so now on to the real two contenders...

All Star Comics #8 is the first appearance of Wonder Woman (in a back-up story) and The Sandman #8 is "The Sound of Her Wings," the first appearance of Death (a more famous comic book death than Flash's ;) ).

So what we have here is the historic (first Wonder Woman) versus a famous issue, The Sandman #8.

And, well, the whole countdown long, this is the way I've been leaning, so I'm not going to stop now, so I'm going with the more notable issue, despite Wonder Woman's vast lead in comic book historical importance.

The Sandman #8

Deciding factors:

1. All Star Comics #8 isn't even all that well known for Wonder Woman's first appearance, as she is not on the cover and it was just a test back-up in support of her "real" first appearance in Sensation Comics #1.

2. Sensation Comics #1 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more famous than All Star Comics #8

3. The Sandman #8 is actually a REALLY GOOD issue - All Star Comics #8 is meh.

4. I'll admit, The Sandman #1-50 is one of the best first 50 issues in comic book history and they've yet to have a single issue representative.

In any event, The Sandman #8 is the pick.

Feel free to name some other excellent eights!

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